She played in “Rancz” wójtowa. In secret, Arlak is still a colorful bird. and others? Watch the series Kasia Solejuk

The series “Ranch” was a huge hit on TVP. The format began broadcasting in 2006. Viewers watched the last season in 2016. Every now and then there are rumors about the continuation of the series. And despite the fact that the authors of the hit commented on this topic, it is still not known what about the further fate of the heroes of the series in Wilkowyje. If you missed the series, see how the actors who played in it have changed.

Current photos of Butcher Shack, who played the parish priest and the mayor, and his wife Katarzyna Shaq, who played Soljecock, often appear in the media. So we won’t show you here. Alaa, do you know what the other actors in the series look like today?

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Ilona Ostrowska as Lucy Welska

Ilona Ostrowska as LucyIlona Ostrowska as Lucy Screen “Farm”, dir. W. Adamczyk Polish Television Studio A; ilona_ostrowska_official / Instagram

Ilona Ostrowska played one of the main characters of the series – the American Lucy, who came to Poland after inheriting the manor house in Wilkoeje. Ostrowska fondly remembers her adventure with Ranch. After the series aired, she got another big role in TVP – she played Kasia Smuda in the movie “For good and bad”, but her character was executed. Ostrowska recently played in such productions as “Second Half”, “Hemmed In” and “It will be good, dearling”. Soon we will see her in the movie “Against the Wind”. It was rumored for some time that the actress was planning a wedding.

Stars at the 'It must Be Love' premiereStars at the ‘It must Be Love’ premiere cabife picture

Ilona OstrovskaIlona Ostrovska Instagram photo / ilona_ostrowska_official

Violetta Arlac as Helena Cusio

Violetta ArlacVioletta Arlac Screen “Farm”, dir. W. Adamczyk Polish Television Studio A; cabife

Violetta Arlac played the mayor’s wife, and later began working as herself in the municipal office in Wilcoeje. The heroine of her life was a character inclined to romance. She seduced the doctor and pharmacist. In 2014, the actress appeared in the movie “Dancing with the Stars”. Arlac has many roles to his credit. Viewers perfectly remember her from “The Day of the Freak”, “Boys Don’t Cry”, “Let’s Make a Grandson” or “The Crowns of Kings”.

She also had an episode in the movie “Apocalypse or kogel-mogel 4”. However, he appears more on stage than on television. You can watch it among others in the plays of the Capitol Theater. Especially, the actress has a bold style and loves to stand out.

Violetta ArlacVioletta Arlac /

Magdalena Cotta as Lucadia Zzebach

Magdalena CottaMagdalena Cotta Screen “Farm”, dir. W. Adamczyk Polish Television Studio A; Screensaver “Deep in the woods” dir. Dawid, B. Konopka, Netflix

In “Rancz” Magdalena Kuta played an accountant who fell under the influence of Arkadiusz Czerepach. He has many notable roles to his credit. She played, among others, in “Sexmission”, “We Are Good” or “Made in Poland”. The actress is also known to viewers of television theater. Recently, you could see her in the play “Mother Leaves” by Przemysław Stippa. Kota has also been associated with TR Theater for many years. He plays in the productions of Michau Borzoch and Gerzigors Garzina.

Recently, listeners of the second program of Polish Radio had the opportunity to listen to Kota in the program “To si read”.

Anna Stupic as Kasia Solijuk

Anna StupioAnna Stupio Screen “Farm”, dir. W. Adamczyk Polish Television Studio A; Instagram / anna_stepien

Anna Stobic appeared in the 2006-2011 movie “Rancz”, playing Kasia Solejuk, the daughter of Kazimiera and Maciej. When her adventure with “Ranch” began, she was only nine years old. Stępień is currently 25 years old and lives in Warsaw. After the series aired, she ended her acting career and focused on getting an education at Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Anna StupioAnna Stupio Instagram @anna_stepien

Maciej Cempura as Szymon Solejuk

Massej SemburaMassej Sembura Screen “Farm”, dir. W. Adamczyk Polish Television Studio A; Election Agency

When Maciej Cempura started playing the genius and ambitious Szymek Solejuk, who loved making airplanes, he was 10 years old. Soon, viewers liked this hero. Cempura was given another role during the radio show “Ranches”. He starred in the series “Odwręceni”, and later in the movie “Janosik. A True Story”. In addition, his filmography includes titles such as: “Agatha’s Law”, “Doctors”, “The Promise” and “Amnesty”.

Sempora graduated from the Theater Academy in Warsaw in 2020. Not everyone knows that he is the son of an acting couple: Simon and Dorota Sempor.

Marta Mazuric as Julia Warjacs

Marta MazurkMarta Mazurk Screen “Farm”, dir. W. Adamczyk Polish Television Studio A; mazurek_marta / Instagram

In “Rancz” Marta Mazurek played Julia Wargaczówna, the teenage daughter of the Wargacz family, who has been at odds with the Solejuk family. One of the neighbors’ feuding sons, Simon, fell in love with her. The actress is currently 32 years old. Recently, we managed to see her in such productions as “War Girls”, “Diagnoza” or “Father Matthews”.

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