Pope John Paul II. The movie “House of Glass”. How did the Pope respond to child sexual abuse in the Church

On May 18, on the 102nd anniversary of Karol Wojtyla’s birth, he uploaded the documentary “glass house – Response John Paul II On the Crisis of Sexual Abuse in the Church Paulina Gocek.

Multi-threaded production, among other things, shows noisy situations Theodore McCarrick father Marcial Maciel Digollado.

The ex-priest and former cardinal, Washington DC and “rock star” of the American Church, climbed the career ladder and turned out to be the perpetrator of sexual abuse of minors and adults. Digollado Mexican priest, founder of the Congregation christ legionan influential figure and for many years as a mentor and role model for young people – in fact a rapist who also hurt his children, a drug addict and a con man.

The film clearly emphasizes the influence of the surroundings John Paul II On what knowledge he had and what decisions he made. The report also shows an unclear role Cardinal Angelo Sodanothen Minister of State for the Holy See, second only to the Pope in the Vatican hierarchy.

This is amazing Sudano – as follows from the account of the American journalist John Allen cited in the film – he had to press, among other things, against not publishing information about the Vatican’s sanctions against Digulado. “He pointed out that every journalist who publishes the verdict in Father Maciel’s case is an enemy of the Church,” Allen told Paulina Jozek.

There was an entire power structure in the State Secretariat… which relied on Masel’s money It is Maciel’s success in recruiting clerics. These people did not want the case to appear ”- describes Allen. He says, it was known in the Vatican who was driving a black Mercedes that he donated Digulado.

The case of a Mexican priest and his relationship with him John Paul IIas well as the Pope’s decisions regarding this – as it turns out – the demonic character returned during Beatification process.

the father. In the film, the Sławomir Order indicates that questions were sent to “appropriate institutions” regarding matters: the armies of Christ and Father Maciel, as well as the situation in the United States and Cardinal McCarrick.

Letters – like father. Order – It was laconic, but unmistakable indicating that there was nothing to complain about John Paul II.

Father’s words. Oder is key to me in this movie. His words indicate this during the beatification process Documents related to this have not been checkedWhat the Pope knows and does not know about things McCarrick And Digulado. the father. Oder indicated that “appropriate institutions” have been contacted, that is, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the State Secretariat. At the same time, the film itself shows that the State Secretariat and Card. Angelo Sodano turned out to be unreliable, and Sudano He most likely hid key information from the Pope – commented in an interview with Interia, a journalist who deals with the topic of sexual abuse in the church Tomasz Terlikowski.

as he says TerlikovskyYou should carefully investigate and disclose documents related to the case DiguladoAs happened with the priest and the former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. – Archbishop Charles Chiclona’s report on the founder of the Christ Choir is ready. Why was it not revealed? Because as far as the case McCarrick Closes in the United States, this The Digollado case affects the Vatican – Says.

Paulina Jozek, the author of the report, also called for the disclosure of Father Maciel’s report.

– Author, i.e. father. Oder, he did what he had to do. He had no influence on the activities of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the State Secretariat, he comments. In her view, the case of the Mexican priest and the Legion of Christ is a case in point Selective Transparency.

– The American Church fought to clarify the McCarrick case. Here, neither the Vatican, nor the Soldiers of Christ, nor the Church in Mexico nor in Poland – as this is a matter directly related to John Paul II, not striving for the publication of the report on Father Maciel – narrate. – They don’t fight because there are too many people who would be burdened with such a report. It is about people who were close to the Pope – and in his house, and above all in the Secretariat of State headed by Minister Sodano – he points out.

Why the Pope Pope John Paul II – Even though he officially has that power – he didn’t remember the Card. Sodano from the position?

– I didn’t get an answer to this question directly, but you can guess it was some form of compromise. That there was a quiet agreement, that something “Italian” should remain in the Vatican. I have the impression that the State Secretariat was an area that even the Pope could not touch, and the Cardinal Sodano worked on the principle ‘Untouchable’ In this Vatican policy – says Polina Jozek. – At the same time within the same settlement John Paul II It was possible to appoint a close and trusted Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which redirected matters related to sexual abuse of minors – he adds.

What size earthquake the report might show regarding Marcial Maciel Digollado?

– Check this for sure John Paul II will not “baptize”. It is impossible, according to the teaching of the Church, that acts of sanctification are infallible. Besides, I do not doubt the sanctity John Paul II And that he was a great priest – says Tomasz Terlikowski. At the same time, he adds, any ambiguities should be clarified.

He concludes that it will be possible when opening the Vatican archives and examining documents carefully and obtaining information from living witnesses.

Archives are currently closed.

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