Polish film ‘Lombard’ wins Grand Prix at Dukes Antigravity Film Festival

“Lombard”, directed by ukasz Kowalski, won the Grand Prix of the 19th Millennium Documentary Against Gravity Festival. The greatest art is telling an extraordinary story about ordinary people – it motivated the jury’s selection during Thursday’s awards ceremony.

12 films competed for the grand prize – the Millennium Bank Prize and 8000 euros: “Skal” (Faroe Islands / Denmark, Cecil Debel monastery, Maria Turgaro), “Anioły z Sindżaru” (Poland / Germany, der. Hana Polak), “Lombard” (Poland, dir. Łukasz Kowalski), “House made of splinters” (Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont), “Cow” (Great Britain, dir. Andrea Arnold), “Babi Jar. Contexts ”(Ukraine) , Holland, France, directed by Serge Zonica), “Biskläki ”(Poland, directed by Lydia Duda), “In the Dark of Uncertainty ”(India, France, directed by Payal Kapadia),“ Young Plato ”(Ireland, Great Britain, Der. Nieasa Ni Chianain, Declan McGarth), “We met in virtual reality” (Great Britain, monastery Joe Hunting), “Volcano of Love (Canada, USA, monastery. Pablo Alvarez Mesa) and “Territory” (Brazil, Denmark, monastery Alex Brix). ).

“Being in competition with such great films and great names was in itself a great honor. When we started, it was a big dream for us to be in the film festival at all. Being here is an honor for us,” the producer said. Mazerante added: “We would like to thank the festival, which believed in us and immediately loved our film. We would also like to thank the heroes who stole their hearts during performances and meetings in many Polish cities.”

This year, Millennium Bank decided to finance an additional award for the best Ukrainian film. The figurine was collected by Oleksiej Radynsky for the movie “Infinity according to Florian”. “It is important to me that while the war is taking place in Ukraine, which aims to reduce Ukraine to the theme of war, the festival also shows films that raise different issues. War is very important, but showing and watching different films on a different topic, meaning we are breaking the strategy that We are trying to achieve it, ”- said the award-winning Ukrainian documentary director.

The Best Picture award in the Polish competition went to Marek Kozakiewicz’s “Silent Love,” a story about trying to start a heterogeneous loving family in Poland, far from the big cities.

Of the eight cities where documentaries have been held and shown as part of the nineteenth edition of Millennium Docs Against Gravity, four (Wroclaw, Pozna, Gdynia and Bydgoszcz) have been awarded prizes among their jury. Several jurors awarded the aforementioned prize and received the highest prize in the main competition “Lombard”. Also destined for, among others “Bisclaki” Lydia Duda and “Angels from Sinjar” Hanna Pollack.

The 19th Millennium Docs Against Gravity began on May 13 in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdynia, Pozna, Katowice, ód, Lublin and Bydgoszcz. The online portion of the event will take place from May 24 to June 5. The program includes a total of 170 titles, including The Family of Susan Regina Morris on Instagram, Future Meat by Liz Marshall, “Lost Leonardo” by Andreas Kofod, “In Search of Immortality” by Stefan Bergman, and “Nothing Compares” by Catherine Ferguson.

In the main competition, 14 documents were presented, incl. “Baby Jar. Contexts” by Sergei Shoneka, “Plato Young” by Declan McGrath and Nyasa née Chianin, “Angels from Sinjar” by Hana Pollack, “Bisclaki” by Lydia Duda and “Lombard” by Lukas Kowalski. Modernity is a short film competition and film competition for young audiences. Festival audiences will also be able to watch documentaries in non-competing sections: Love Stories, Before You Grow Up, Faces from the Far East, Science Will Save Us and Preserve the Archives of the Future.

The film retrospective features films by American intellectual Susan Sontag (including “The Promised Lands”, “Waiting for Godot … in Sarajevo”, “Guided Tours”, “Duet of Cannibals” and “Brother Carl”). American experimental film and documentary director Bill Morrison that appeared at the festival.

More information about the event, including the full program, can be found at: http://mdag.pl/.

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