Millions of reports! Operators check columns extensively

The epidemic intensified Use of phones, internet and television. Poles compensated for the limited possibilities of spending time outside the home by communicating on the phone, watching movies, and surfing the Internet. As well as working remotely. The increased activity was reflected in the KRD data. At the end of 2020, unpaid bills for telephone, television, Internet and installments for electronic devices amounted to PLN 1.31 billion. The worst was in July 2020, when the total liabilities exceeded the record 1.5 billion PLN. At the end of 2021, it fell to 1.29 billion PLN, and now to 1.28 billion PLN. The majority of this amount, i.e. 886 million PLN, is intended for consumers, and the rest – for businesses.

The “Public Opinion Survey on Communications Services Market Performance and Consumer Preferences,” conducted by the Bureau of Electronic Communications at the end of 2021, shows that mobile networkWhich is used by 97 percent. Requested. It doesn’t matter so much telephone fixEvery tenth person uses it. The most chosen offer is Permanent monthly phone subscriptionwhich has 70 percent. who are they. Prepaid phones are less common – 1/4 of respondents own them. 77 percent of Poles use the Internet, and 90 percent of them use various forms of television services. who are they.

In contrast, companies surveyed by the UKE indicate that the past year, which saw the spread of the epidemic, has stabilized their demand for telecom services. Only 1/5 announced an increase. The most common uses were voice calls and SMS sending.

Total The number of debtors in the field of communications, appearing in the KRD – Consumers and Businesses – is currently 304 thousand. The KRD data show that this group is clearly decreasing. At the end of 2020, there were 354,000 of them, and last year – 310,000.

Consumers make up the vast majority of telecom debtors. There are more than 266 thousand of them, while companies – almost 37 thousand.

But the average corporate debt is much higher. On average, they owe telecommunications nearly 11,000 PLN. Consumers are three times less, that is, 3.3 thousand. PLN per person.

– The decrease in the number of debtors in our database is, among other things, the effect of communications actions, consciously limiting business risks. To protect yourself from unreliable pushers, Verify its credibility at KRD. Before signing the contract with the consumer and the company, they each verify the reliability of the payment in our database. If someone is already in debt, He may refuse to sign a subscription contract with him or sell a smartphone in installments. Thanks to this, they subsequently avoid the tedious process of recovering debts from the client – explains Adam Aoki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Debt Registry of the Bureau of Economic Information.

In 2020, telcos downloaded nearly 2.30 million customer financial status reports from the KRD database. In 2021 – already 2.33 million, and since the beginning of the current year 845 thousand.

The Polsat Plus group and the Polsat Foundation together for children from Ukraine

Mazovia consumers and businesses bear the largest arrears with respect to telephone, Internet and television providers, who must pay up to PLN 205 million. Behind it is the Śląskie province in the amount of over 175 million PLN, and the third is the Lower Silesian region with outstanding liabilities of 130 million PLN.

debt record Among the companies, it belongs to a company from the agricultural sector of the Pomeranian province, which has 14.4 million PLN to repay.

On the other hand, among consumers, the 42-year-old citizen of Lubuskie county takes the lead, whose account is charged with a record amount of PLN 361 thousand. zloty.

Residents of cities with a population of 20,000 bear the largest debt. Up to 50 thousand residents. They did not pay 188 million PLN.

In terms of gender, men are the most indebted – more than 502 million PLN. Women have accumulated 383 million PLN in arrears.

Poles aged 36-45 are the least reliable at regulating phone, internet, television and electronic device bills. They must pay telecommunications more than 260 million PLN. People over the age of 65 have the smallest debt, which amounts to almost 65 million PLN.

Extensive use of phones and the Internet is causing this Poles often lose their vigilance and neglect security. They can’t always check whether the text message or link the recipients are real or not and they click on it without them knowing, which leads to accessing fake websites that get personal data. From here, you will be a step away from losing money from your bank account or getting a loan by cyber criminals. According to, just over 18 percent. People of the most indebted age group to telecom operators (36-45 years old) declare that they know when they are dealing with a scam. Young people are most at risk.

The threat is real because, as our research shows, Every fifth Polish claims they can’t identify a fake message – says Bartłomiej Drozd, expert at, partner at the National Debt Register.

Young people in particular may be vulnerable to personal data extortion. Twenty-five percent of them say they don’t know when they’re dealing with a scammer. Therefore, it should be noted that neither the administrators nor the telephone advisors of the financial institutions can ask us to provide login details, payment card number or identity card details. Likewise, no one should ask us to send a scan of your identity. Only such a recommendation should raise our suspicions – concludes Bartomig Drozd.

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