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striving to clean labels, eliminate added sugar, and develop a range of plant-based products,
In addition to the sports revitalization of children and adolescents – these are the main priorities implemented by the brands of the Maspex group as part of the declared sustainable development strategy “Hummingbird Effect” and the ecosystem for a healthy lifestyle. Some of these goals have already been achieved.

Maspex’s sustainable development strategy called “The Hummingbird Effect” consists of 5 ecosystems. It is the environment, innovation, work environment, social and business environment and healthy lifestyle. As part of it, the company has committed to achieving 37 goals in line with the 2030 Agenda proclaimed by the United Nations.

Natural composition and elimination of sugar

As part of the healthy lifestyle ecosystem, Maspex has pledged to completely eliminate added sugar from children’s drinks by 2025. This goal has already been achieved. Since this year, the addition of sugar in products of the Kubuś brand has been completely eliminated. There is no added sugar in Kubuś drinks, flavored waters, juices, and mousses. This year, the Tymbark brand also introduced a new line of Po Prostu products to the market for people who value healthy and delicious combinations. We can find drinks, flavored water and lemonade without added sugar. The simple and natural ingredients found in the new line of products correspond to the so-called clean labels. It consists in the maximum simplification of the composition of products and the striving to make the product as natural as possible.

A healthy lifestyle is in fact synonymous with living in harmony with nature. If we choose two components that define them strongly, it will be eating healthy and spending time actively. Therefore, based on these foundations, we established the first ecosystem for our sustainable development strategy. Maspex’s ambition is to ensure that our products are not only delicious and of high quality, but have high health benefits and that they respond to the latest trends and consumer needs. – Says Magdalena Rohde-Krempa, General Manager of BU Beverages at Maspex Group.

Another pro-health commitment has been to completely eliminate added sugar in pharmaceuticals by 2022. This has been achieved and supplements produced by Maspex Group’s Polski Lek, such as Plusssz, are free of added sugar.

More vegetables and animal care

Another activity resulting from the announced sustainable development strategy is the expansion of the portfolio of plant products. 98 percent of Maspex’s product offering will be entirely of plant origin by 2025. Individual brands are already selecting the ingredients for their products, the production of which takes into account the welfare of farm animals and care for the environment. Since 2021, the Lubella brand buys all the eggs needed to produce pasta without a cage.

Recently, Maspex’s portfolio has expanded with new products based on plant formulations – including vegan puree, pesto and Łowicz’s 8-vegetable sauces, Lubella’s porridge, Antybaton Łowicz, or vegan drinks from Tymbark’s Just Plants.

Our products accompany people every day. They are present at the family tables from breakfast to dinner. We are proud of the trust that millions of consumers have given us, which is why we are constantly striving to improve our products. We consider increasing the health value of our products one of our most important tasks in this regard – for this reason, we simplify their composition, reduce the number of ingredients and focus on natural ones. We also focus on plant-based products and will almost completely eliminate animal ingredients in the next three years. In this way, we respond to nutrition trends and consumer needs – Says Iona Piasta is the General Manager of BU Food at Maspex Group.

Sports activation for children

Maspex’s implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals is also to involve brands in activities that encourage children and adolescents to exercise and live actively in harmony with nature. The most popular national initiative in which Maspex has participated for 16 years is the “From the yard to the stadium for the Tymbark Cup” tournament, organized by the Polish Football Association and the main sponsor of the Tymbark brand. It is the largest children’s soccer competition in Poland and Europe, in which more than 2.5 million children have participated so far, about 30 percent. The participants are girls. Currently, the county finals for the 22nd edition of the tournament are underway, and the winners will be announced on June 14 at the PGE National Stadium before the Poland-Belgium match.

Other brands are also involved in promoting the sport among the youth. Kubuś has been a partner of the Runmageddon Kids series since 2018, and for 14 years has been organizing the educational program “Kubuś Friends of Nature” for kindergarten and primary schools, where every year more than a million children learn to live in harmony with nature and spend time actively.

This year, the Plusssz brand also participated in the promotion of sports activities and became one of the partners of the 79th Tour de Pologne.

Plusssz accompanies physical activity enthusiasts for a long time when building their figure and taking care of their health. The addition of the Plusssz brand to the Tour de Pologne bike race aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, while emphasizing the importance of proper hydration and replenishing electrolytes during training. – Says Elżbieta Guglska General Manager BU Polski Lek In the Maspex group.

Initiatives aimed at children and adolescents, covering the broadly understood field of a sustainable lifestyle, such as: “From the yard to the playground for the Timpark Cup”, “Winnie the Friends of Nature”, “Safe Pochatic Academy”, “Lubella Academy”, up to 2030 90 percent of kindergartens and 70 percent of primary schools in Poland. To date, Maspex has spent more than 250 million PLN on activities related to corporate social responsibility and the environment, and more than 14 million children have participated in educational and sports initiatives and programs organized and in which the company is involved.

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