Kinga Preis on husband Piotr, son of Anthony, family, fame, simplicity and Instagram

Kinga Preis has “up to” four photos on Instagram, her house is an inaccessible intimate area, and she doesn’t collect fancy clothes. Perhaps that is why viewers admire and respect her. Is it a matter of being faithful to the principle: will I live on my own terms? Or maybe a feisty challenge: let the world get rich, shine and rush, I want it to be quieter and calmer? The conversation with Kinga Preis is a praise of moderation.

The hotel where we meet – normal. Kinga Press has been staying there for the past 20 years, and she loves the quiet and casual vibe. He came from Wroclaw in a car several years old, and appeared without make-up, wearing a loose-fitting jacket. star? Yes sure. Just different, far from the stereotype. He does not show him signs of success in life, he has it. This is its own version of minimalism. A fashionable topic for her is not about fashion, but about getting along with oneself.

Your style: minimalism. We can also call it moderation of life, the art of conscious identification of needs. Some of us have experienced it as a result of the pandemic and more recently also because of the war…

Kinga Press: I did not find myself in the simplicity of these events. That’s how I grew up, I chose moderation years ago. Throughout my career, I’ve lived outside of where I work, letting go of the Warsaw glamor and “fame” that accompany my profession. I try to stay away from them as much as possible, although I don’t criticize people who need popularity. She doesn’t tickle me. I even gave up my beloved Wroclaw without regret. Three years ago I moved to the countryside. If there was no necessity to make money, I would sit there permanently.

Is it true that your new home doesn’t have a guest room?

nothing. We can say that we run a hermetically sealed house. At first, when we built it, I would come home after a few days of work and a member of my family would say, ‘Can I come over? You know, everyone wants to see a new home. But she stressed me. This is how I am. I was even nervous about visiting my mother. He lives 20 minutes away from us, and he usually has weekend traffic, so I put the house on his feet from the morning: let’s get dressed, let’s get ready, the guests may be there soon! I am constantly awake. Antik’s son arrives with his girlfriend, and I’m already in the mode of hostess: give, pay, feed. And I keep scrubbing, apparently wiping obsessively with surfaces. Because of these traits of mine, I was simply killed as a guest. So in order not to give anyone a chance to stay longer, I thought I’d welcome them to the living room, an agreeable place between the bedrooms. They can sleep there, but… there’s still someone walking into the living room. Long-term discomfort.

Besides, the occasional guests who come in usually have a lot to talk about, you have to sit until the night. And you won’t talk to me at 10 pm. I got it from my mom. On her name’s day it sounded like this: 9 p.m. Chrisia wakes up and opens the window. Guests are surprised: – What are you doing? – Ah, I always ventilate myself before bed. And everyone knows: the end of the party.

I hear an aberration in your voice. It is said that Kingga Preis is fond of people. So “closed house” is a message: I love it, but not so much?

Yeah. At work, I can run at full speed for 14 hours with a lot of people around. They talk to me, rate it, comb it, fix it—and I love it. Colleagues say: This is great with you, you are very funny, there is no boredom. And I say: believe me, folks, it’s different at home! Not that my sense of humor suddenly disappears and I’m bloated. I just give myself the right not to say anything, to walk in my underwear, not to pull my stomach. I can’t imagine being active all the time. Whenever my husband and I would go to our cigar room, the garage, where I smoke and read, he would take a cigar and do whatever he pleased. We do not include each other. It’s cute that way. The phone rings, and Petrik is surprised: Why don’t you answer? Do I have to? I guess the fact that I have a smartphone doesn’t always make me available. This actually works both ways. I don’t get offended when no one answers my phone. It is not necessary either.

The lack of social media is a sign of austerity and moderation. and serious. “You don’t have Facebook and Instagram – you don’t exist!” , many people think.

But I have Instagram! A long time ago, I participated in an advertisement and was asked to support the campaign on my profile. So I asked my friend behind the fence and my son: Create this account for me! There are still only four photos I posted at the time. I didn’t go there on my own volition. Now you can’t do that, because no one remembers passwords. And I did not write it.

Since you don’t have active accounts, where do you put information that you’ve received another award, and that there’s a movie premiere?

me? Anywhere, the agency does it for me. I get the impression that others know faster than me what’s going on with me! One day my husband said: Your mother must have abused us. I ask my mother, “Did something happen?” And I heard: “You said nothing of your marriage in some Barbados. – Mom, are you crazy – Us?!” During the cucumber season, my mother went to the seaside, lay on the beach with a newspaper and read such reports about her daughter! I was once asked a question: “Do you really miss marriage?” Yes I do miss you! For 28 years I’ve been living with Pewter, whom I call my husband, and we’re fine. I don’t know what will happen to me until I make a decision. Maybe if you go to “some Barbados” and there, in an instant, you’ll hit our heads: Let’s get married, who knows? This is where the distortion comes in. Unfortunately, I have no influence on such reports. My dear friend convinces me: don’t bother, these are feelings one day. Tomorrow it will be important for someone to get divorced or for the X star to fold her thigh. he is right. Although, sadly, sometimes rumors are more important than what I know or play.

Despite moderation in your pursuit of popularity, your list of awards, including those awarded by viewers, is a record-breaker. Are they important to you? Like Sean Penn last time, you’ll be able to say: I’ll destroy them all if…

I love Sean Penn, but – as my grandmother used to say – he’s a “disturbance,” rebel troublemaker, and wogs. I am devoid of these features. Maybe if my prize is made of gold and I can melt it to help someone – then yes. You still give me away. This year marked the 30th anniversary of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra, and I was asked to put something up for auction. I think: I’m not known for the outfits I wear. Awards are important to me because they prove that someone loved what I did. I decided to return one of the most valuable films, The Eagle, for the Oscar-nominated Agnieszka Holland “In Darkness”. I put the figurine on the kitchen table, took a picture, sent it to my agent David, and wrote: It will be an eagle. I meant this particular award, not a photo taken between salt and pepper shakers. I delegated this task to David, and he – like a thoroughbred man – posted a picture of this exact eagle on the kitchen table on the Internet. With ferns in the background. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but nothing can be done with this picture. Thus, Orzel went to three and a half thousand zlotys.


multiplied! Zosia and Krzysztof Hurkacz, Hubert’s parents, are among a small group of our friends. We’ve known each other for 20 years. Hubi and Antek went to kindergarten and high school together. They succeeded in getting their high school diploma together. We have been supporting Hubi since he was a kid. (In our house, only two ball courts are seen: tennis and snooker. My husband sleeps well with snooker, but we only lose our voice during the Hubie matches). We met his parents shortly after the results of the orchestra were announced. What’s going on? During dinner, the Oscars music suddenly goes off the phone, and Zosia and Krzyś leave the kitchen…with My Eagle! And they say: We wanted him to stay with you! I was very touched. They helped the orchestra and gave me such a beautiful gesture.

You can read the full interview in the new June issue of Twój STYL magazine.

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