Instead of a gas station, there will be a meadow. What is her job in the city? [FILM, ZDJĘCIA] Petronews

A flower lawn is being built on the site of the former CBN Gas Station in Block. Thanks to the cooperation of Łąka Foundation and PKN ORLEN, this point (and not only) of the city will be healthier and more vibrant.

On Thursday, May 19, at the intersection of the Mujahideen. Kwiatka and ul. The Bielska drivers had an unusual view. In the area of ​​the former CBN gas station, a group of volunteers in red shirts, holding hands, walked. It was an element of flower meadow planting, along with workshops on the importance of flower meadows in cities, which were attended by volunteers from the PKN ORLEN Environmental Protection Office and the Oka Foundation.

– This is another initiative of the Environmental Protection Office, during which we want to actively promote environmental issues, both to educate and share our passion – says Adam Turkowski, Director of the Environmental Protection Office at PKN ORLEN. The creation of flower meadows is in line with ORLEN’s activities for the protection and development of biodiversity. As we know, the flower meadow, in addition to the sides of the picture, is also a refuge for plants and animals, it perfectly accumulates water, and also absorbs the particles responsible for smog – recounts Adam Turkovsky.

As he emphasizes, sowing lawns also has an economic aspect, as it requires much less mowing than a traditional lawn.

– This is our fourth course. The first that was built in the Mujahideen. Długa, was at the same time the first hotel in Pock and was warmly received – says the director of the Environmental Protection Office. – We are planning further sowing of this kind – confirms.

The Environmental Protection Bureau undertakes various initiatives. This year, volunteers, along with the Oak Forestry Inspectorate, planted trees in the forest and planted another part of the meadow in the Mujahideen. Długa in Płock, and in Władysław Jagiełło helped create a sensory garden.

– There are more initiatives waiting for us, incl. Related to bees, but we will report on the details in the future – explains our interlocutor.

How did PKN ORLEN cooperate with the Łąka Foundation?

– About two years ago we met at a conference, and then Marta Wronka from the Environmental Protection Bureau called us, who was the cause of this confusion, smiles Maciej Budima, President of the Oka Foundation. – We started with Marj in the Mujahideen. Duga, May. Chemików, later in the Maszewo School, now working at ul. Kwiatka, and yesterday with 70 volunteers we expanded the area at ul. Długa – lists.

And confirms that a perennial meadow near the petrol station in the Mujahideen. Soon the alchemists will enjoy the eyes of the inhabitants (after it rains).

– We’re talking about other sites. We don’t have any details yet, but interest in our workshops is definitely high, because registration for them ended a few hours after the workshop kicked off. We still have a few thousand people to train, and the areas will certainly be found – says Maciej Budima.

Why is a city meadow a good idea?

– First of all, it is much warmer in a concrete city, where the temperature of concrete warms up a lot. Green areas are a boon for cities, because they reduce temperature, conserve water in the soil, and insects, including bees, have what they eat – explains the head of the Łąka Foundation.

What is the difference between grass and meadow? These lawns that we see in cities are a mixture of several types of grass. In order for it to look good, it must be mowed, fertilized and watered intensively.

Flower meadow is a response to areas with low vegetation, where there are no shrubs and trees. It is a mixture of colorful flowering herbaceous plants adapted to specific terrain. It’s meant to look good, thrive as long as possible, but also filter dust from roads or support butterflies – Maciej Podyma explains.

During the workshops mentioned by the head of the institution, the participants learned, for example, what plants are worth sowing in the meadow, why they keep moisture in the ground well, how long the poppy can live in the ground, what to use for nettle . Or … How to make delicious wine from dandelion flowers in the doctor’s office, the root of which can reach 2.5 meters in the ground.

An interesting fact is that a mineral is added to the seed mixture of several dozen flowers (adapted to a certain place), an expanded rock (fired in a furnace) called vermiculite, thanks to which you can see where the seed mixture is planted . Since the fresh seeds are also a delicious snack for birds, the mineral allows them to satisfy their appetite faster (it is not digested by them, it acts as fiber).

Meadow in the Mujahideen. The flower will begin to appear in about 8 weeks, and it should be in full bloom in mid-July.

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