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The brilliance style has been victorious in the ranking trends for many years. Not surprising! Full of luxury and elegance, this style is the perfect solution for style lovers. How to arrange a Glamor salon? We suggest today!

What does a charming interior look like?

The word “glamor” from the English language means glamor, time, magic and splendor. However, it is not only the name of the style, but also the definition of the idea. Glittering style attracts extravagance, fascinates with luxury and wealth, and at the same time offers a note of mystery. It can be compared to a casket full of eye-catching jewels. Which woman does not like jewelry? All this means that he is gaining more and more followers every year. It is interesting that the style of sparkle first appeared in the fashion world. It was promoted by stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Subsequently, its properties were transferred to the interior of villas in the Los Angeles hills, and then fed into homes and apartments.

The brilliance style cannot be clearly defined because it currently offers great ranking possibilities. However, there are some features that distinguish it from others. Basically it is huge decorative furniture, lined lounge sets, shiny accessories, chandeliers and crystal mirrors in richly decorated original frames.

Sparkle Style is basically a solution for people who are not afraid to experiment and love original shows. It offers great arrangement possibilities, play with colors and accessories that complement the whole. The use of modern lighting, interesting wallpapers and decor allows you to create an original arrangement.

cheerful style colors

Expressive colors dominate the style of sparkle. There are shades of pink, purple, red and turquoise. Shades of green bottle and mustard color are welcome. This style loves gold, which emphasizes luxury and adds elegance, as well as brilliance in accessories and expressive patterns. And although it may seem that kitsch is easy to find here, the right combination of decorative elements and furniture will create a very aesthetic composition and a comfortable and modern interior.

The style of glamor is known for its glamor, wealth and glamor. In order for everything to look aesthetically pleasing, moderation should be observed. The glamorous interior is a combination of luxury, sensuality and lightness. Too many accessories or excessive use of colors can overshadow the interior, thereby spoiling the whole effect. That is why it is necessary to break strong colors with neutral colors: shades of gray and beige. The combination of intense and calm colors will make everything balanced and interesting at the same time.


If you want the effect of glamor style, be sure to wear accessories that will complement the arrangement and emphasize the luxurious personality. Choose soft velvet curtains and drapes in the signature colors of this style. Pink curtain decorated with golden thread will look beautiful. Put the pillows on the sofa. You can hang a mirror with a richly decorated frame or gold-framed paintings on the wall, and a crystal chandelier on the ceiling complements the interior. Details such as handles and knobs are also important. These inconspicuous elements can change the interior. Also, do not forget about proper lighting and brilliance. Place a clear vase on the cabinet and a glass candlestick on the table.


Lighting plays a huge role in glamorous interiors. Crystal chandeliers are welcome.


Glamor Salon can’t miss a sumptuous, velvet and plush lounge set. A padded sofa is an indispensable piece of equipment. in addition to Hammock chair. For colorful and textured walls, choose muted, monochromatic furniture to avoid kitsch. If your living room is dominated by soft walls of neutral colors, add freshness in the form of a sofa with a shade of bottle green, expressive turquoise or feminine pink.

The devil is in the details, so pay attention to any extras. For example, a simple and plain chest of drawers will take on a completely different character if it has crystal knobs.

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