From rapping to making money by drawing. Michał Żytniak about passion and work What did you draw the most as a kid? Are there motives left with you?

Michał ytniak: I don’t remember what I drew when I was a kid. My first memory of drawing is from elementary school. During art lessons, the teacher gave homework. I don’t remember the exact topic, but I painted the castle and there were bursts on top of it. I remember that I wasn’t completely satisfied with this job, unlike the artist he asked me if I had done it myself. She said she thought I had talent.

old sketches of michael

Photo: Daniel Remian /

Is there such a thing as your own style? Or does it change all the time? How does it look with you?

I think it exists, but not everyone is able to make some extra money. It has always been important to me to be original and it seems to me that my author’s painting is recognizable. It is known that with each painted canvas the pattern evolves and changes a little, but for me these are not big changes, I just improve and improve some elements.

Michel Sitniak

Michel Sitniak

Photo: Daniel Remian /

When I look at your boards, I get the impression that their key is to show a certain attitude. These are not quite portraits or landscapes, but visual diary pages. do you agree?

Yes, I like specific situations and stories. Someone once compared it to my texts that it’s actually the same method and that may be my method I asked him about a moment ago.

Michel Sitniak

Michel Sitniak

Photo: Daniel Remian /

Tell us what it was like to change direction in your artistic path. When did you decide that you prefer painting to music?

I wasn’t planning on being a painter. Out of boredom, I went to art school and started painting for myself. Friends came to me, saw the business, and asked me how much I would sell it for. We uploaded pictures to Instagram and people started writing. When it comes to rap, I’ve gotten tired of it before, and maybe, had it not been for Noon, I wouldn’t have released the album.

How well do you reflect your musical teasers in the pictures you draw? Looking at some, I immediately think the rappers made them.

Best described as an urban climate

They are man-made who lives in the city and is part of its tissues

I kind of associate the hip-hop vibe with it

goof doll

You are currently in the process of creating a mural, what is this project? How do you work on such a large format?

It happens in different ways – once I create a project on my tablet, once I draw. In this case, I made a two-part image according to the color and vision of the customer. Later, I transferred these images to the design of a panel wall, and the final stage is to transfer them to the walls of the food court of the Grzybowska brewery in Warsaw.

With the paintings that the artists draw in your opinion: How do I want my paintings to be?

I might be thinking more that I’d like to have this painting at home or draw something equally good. There are many of these artists and this is constantly changing. For example, I was recently at the Albertina in Vienna and there was the Munch exhibition which made a great impression on me. There has been a lot of work on them, and in fact, each of them has been so good, that it rarely happens.

What is the process of penetrating the public’s awareness of your art?

At first, I thought I was going to post pictures of my clients on Instagram, and so it was posted. A lot of famous people appeared, which in some way fueled the festival and subsequent sales. Over time, there were also requests for murals, collaborations with brands and the like.

How important is the role of social media in the lives of artists today? Is Instagram your wallet?

Instagram seems to have played an increasingly important role since the outbreak of the pandemic. Yes, I think my account is somewhat of a wallet, although I also post a lot of stupid things from my life there, not just pictures. However, I also have a website.

Reebok Classic Leather OG

Reebok Classic Leather OG

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Is there anything else in the field of art that you haven’t done before that you’d like to try?

Definitely carving or ceramics. I would like to form a pottery group with some companies that specialize in it.

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