Dan Walker shoots ‘Crying’ while leaving breakfast for BBC to work on Channel 5

Dan Walker seemed to cry over breakfast on his last day on the BBC, but all was not what it seemed.

The BBC presenter tweeted a short video clip on Monday (May 16), just a day before he left the BBC for rival Channel 5.

The 45-year-old TV star is set to take on the lead presenter on Channel 5’s flagship news programme, 5 News, but will also be showing non-news programming across the entire channel.

However, it seems that the former star desperately wanted to tell a joke to his viewers before he left the station for good.

The clip showed an apparently overwhelmed announcer preparing to leave the BBC’s breakfast team for new beginnings on Channel 5.

Dan looked like he was crying in the BBC’s breakfast studio, but it was just a fun filter (Image: Instagram) Read more related articles Read more related articles

Dan just teased fans with a fun new sad face filter that went viral on social media sites like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

He revealed that fellow host Sally Nugent didn’t want to “do anything” with his video with the caption: “My partner @sallynugent has never wanted anything to do with this.”

On the surface, the clip showed Dan in a suit crying in the breakfast studio just before the broadcast.

Dan said: “The last week of BBC breakfast. So sad. Sally doesn’t want to appear in this movie because she said she looks like Groucho Marx. Great times.”

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Sally can also be heard at the beginning of the movie when she says in the background, “Let him do it.”

This seems to mean her reluctant acceptance of Dana, who posted a funny video online.

Fans of the former Strictly star sent crowds to Dan to comment on wishing him success in his career, and some were rather emotional.

One wrote, “Predicting real tears tomorrow.”

The other said, “Blessing! You will miss Dan so much! What a professional, and in the morning I will miss your laugh!”

(Photo: Laurie Fletcher/Channel 5) Read more related articles

A third wrote: “I don’t know if… [laugh emoji] or [cry emoji]”.

The fourth added, “You’ll miss Dan xx.”

Dan has worked for the BBC for 13 years and has been running BBC Breakfast for the past six years.

He admitted that the decision to leave was a difficult one, but the Channel 5 show “was too good to refuse.”

He wrote: “I can’t wait to get caught up in the daily news, but I’m also excited about making a great new TV for Channel 5.

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“I love their ideas and creativity, and there is rarely an occasion where paths and ambitions meet.

“The opportunity to do something else was too good to be rejected.”

Ben Froe, Director of Content at Paramount UK, said: “Dan Walker joining the channel shows that Channel 5 is attracting leading talent.

“Dan is a popular anchor and we look forward to seeing him not only as the leader of 5 News, but also to take his expertise to Channel 5 as we continue to expand and expand our production.”

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