Bart Staszewski’s Rainbow Flag complaint to the National Broadcasting Council Micha Racho Yaroslav Yakimovich

Activist Bart Staszewski announced Wednesday that his Basta Foundation has submitted a request to the National Broadcasting Board to initiate administrative proceedings against broadcaster Michał Racho’s “We’re Going” program broadcast on TVP Info.

The case relates to the show’s episode from May 4 this year. In the part of the program “We are going” (it is broadcast after the program “We are going”) is shown Film recording of Jarosław Jakimowicz, in which a celebrity tears a rainbow flag hanging next to the flag of Poland.

On the programme, Rachonia Jakimović described the presence of the rainbow flag next to the Polish flag as “a dramatic attempt at what is important to us, the Poles, and the patriots.” Other regular commentators featured in TVP journalist Jacek Wrona and Jacek Liziniewicz appreciated his action.

Basta Foundation: Hanging the rainbow flag next to the flag of Poland in full compliance with Polish law

“In this material, Jarosław Jakimowicz removed the rainbow flag from the facade of the building, a symbol of the LGBT + community, called it shit twice and threw the flag into the bush. This material was not accompanied by a critical opinion of the lecturer. None of the program participants criticized the actions and words of Jaroslaw Jakimowicz. , or even distanced himself from these contents, on the contrary, congratulated the guests in the studio Yaroslav Yakimovich on this measure, ”writes Bart Staszevsky in the application.

He added that according to art. 18 seconds. 1 of the Radio and Television Broadcasting Act, programs may not promote acts contrary to the law, with justification of a Polish, as well as attitudes and opinions contrary to morals and social welfare, in particular, they may not contain content that incites hatred, violence or discrimination against, among other things Other, because of sexual orientation. “The Foundation considers that the aforementioned broadcast violated the above commitment” – we read in the application.

The foundation asserts that the rainbow flag is “a globally recognized symbol of people from the LGBT+ community” and that displaying it next to the flag of Poland “is in full compliance with Polish law”. He referred to “a number of decisions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and courts regarding the so-called rainbow eagle (a combination of the rainbow flag with the coat of arms of Poland)”. “In each case, it was found that this merger does not violate Polish law and cannot be considered an insult to state symbols. In light of the foregoing The admission that placing the rainbow flag next to the Polish flag is an “insult” to the Polish flag results only from anti-gay attitudes– He adds.

Staszewski: We will inform the European Commission if the head of the National Broadcasting Council does not respond

– We demand the initiation of such procedures and a decision to impose an appropriate fine – says Staszewski in an interview with How would you rate the National Broadcasting Council’s chances of aligning with TVP? – We will monitor the media for hate speech against homosexuals and make such requests. And also to notify the European Commission if the authorized body, ie the President of the National Broadcasting Council, fails to respond adequately to such situations.. Article 18 of the Broadcasting Act conveys directives regarding audiovisual services, so the lack of an adequate response may be considered by the European Commission as a violation of EU law, especially when these are not occasional cases, but a permanent practice – adds Staszewski.

– The amendment to the law gave us a unique opportunity to prosecute homophobic hate speech in the Polish media – asserts the activist.

On April 25, Staszewski registered the Basta Foundation. Its goal is to work for the development of democracy and civil society, and in particular to support LGBTQ+ people in public life.

The foundation also supports LGBTQ+ activists in the professionalization of their activities. To this end, it will monitor and report on cases of harassment of activists and activists motivated by politically motivated lawsuits (so-called SLAPP).

Renata Kim is a board member of the Pasta Foundation

The foundation’s board includes Renata Kim, a journalist for Newsweek Polska and a gay ally, Julia Maciusha, president of the Voluntary Equality Foundation, Albert Judecki and Jacek Malarski, owners of the Warsaw-based confectionery network “Lukullus”, and attorney Jacob Szymick. Its chief is Staszewski.

Bart Staszewski is a LGBT activist from Lublin who organized the first equality march in his hometown. The media also heard about his “Gay and Transgender Free Zones” campaign, which condemns homophobia in Polish local governments. He was included in the list of the most influential people in the world by the American “Time” magazine.

Yaroslav Yakimovich has been a regular commentator on “We’re Going” and “We Go On” since the series debuted on TVP Info’s programming schedule in mid-2019.

In September 2020, the celebrity began hosting the weekend magazine “W kontrze” at TVP Info, with Magdalena Ogórek. At the end of last year Ogórek left the programme, Agnieszka Oszczyk joined Jakimowicz, and Katarzyna Ciepielewska and Łukasz Sobolewski started the second duo of hosts.

According to data from Nielsen Audience Measurement, in February of this year. TVP Info’s audience per minute averaged 351,016 viewers, and the station’s audience market share was 5.8%. (After an annual increase of 50.6%).

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