Adam Probus’ 55th birthday. What is the child actor doing today?

Adam Probus said in one of the interviews: “Today I am a different person, in a different place in life. Playing in soap operas and movies is a closed chapter.” When the child star ended his career, he had participated in many famous and popular productions. He started his acting adventure when he was only three years old. Then he appeared in a show at the cultural center in Gori where his mother worked.

He made his debut in front of the camera in 1978 with a small role in the Wojciech Marczewski movie “Zmory”. Also featured in the production were Adam’s brothers, who became in constant contact with the world of cinema. Later, among other things, in the series “Gazda z Diabelnej”. He won the role thanks to a family friend who found an advertisement in the newspaper about recruiting boys for the series. The boy asked his father to record him in court photographs. Contact the community center where the representatives were to be selected. The person who spoke to the man thought he was a parish priest.

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“My husband didn’t feel like going with him. He called the interrogation organizers, introduced himself and asked if Ada could come alone. He heard: ‘The priest, the priest should come with his son.’ Everyone was very curious about the parish the priest wanted to get his son involved. In the movie ”- Francesca Probus, the actor’s mother, recalls in an interview with the newspaper“ Nowina ”.

Little Adam was given the role and thus began his acting career. He didn’t have to wait long for the next offers. He performed, inter alia, in “Poacher”, “John Heart”, “Eye of the Prophet” or “The Care of Nicodemus Dyzma”. In 1982, he starred in a movie that is still fondly remembered by viewers.

He was 14 years old when he appeared on the set of the “Mr. Clix Academy”. Adam Probus played Prince Matthews in it. After the first show, he became an idol of Polish children almost overnight. “I was 14 when we started shooting. It wasn’t my first movie, but it was a great adventure. Especially since it was martial law, and we went to Yalta then, some pictures were taken in Książ. There were some fairy tales in it. It’s a disconnect from reality. The gray that was there. And it was a great adventure. I don’t like that word, because it has become terribly devalued today, just like ‘cult’, but I think that’ Akademia Pana Kleksa was a cult. In our cinemas for children’s films. I don’t know if the best was done – he remembers years later on “Dzie Dobry TVN”.

Participation in the production opened the door for him to a real career. Until the end of the 90s, he appeared in dozens of productions. However, over time, it became difficult for him to combine work on the set with science. “The trips to the site interfered with my studies, and sometimes I missed 360 hours of study. My parents made it a condition that if I failed at school, then my adventure in the movie would definitely come to an end” – the child actor recalls in one of the interviews.

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Many people were convinced that Adam Probosses with this experience would follow in the footsteps of his two older brothers – Marek, who was already a student at the Lodz Film School, and Pyotr, who had just passed his external examination for drama actors. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend drama school. “I was told that I was not a new policeman, I was doing well and that I was going to take the external exam. This was related to a two-year internship in a theater in Włocławek or somewhere. I didn’t want to go anywhere, so I didn’t. Later the Ministry admitted that I The right to exercise on the basis of my professional achievements, that is, I have a paper stating that I am an actor. I have several papers. I am a central heating smoker, I have sold books and worked on a construction site ”- the actor quotes from the portal.

Instead, after graduating from high school, he chose to study in cultural and educational study at the branch of the University of Silesia in Sieszyn. He appeared on screen for a few more years. In 1987, he went to the United States for a year at the invitation of the American Film Institute. In 1996, he hosted a children’s game show “King of Animals” on TVP1. The last time he appeared in front of the camera was in the 2003 movie “Divorce or a Little Happiness in Love”.

In 1990 he married Monica Schwetek. The couple had two daughters. Aliga was born in 1993 and Michalina in 2006. A year ago the actor’s granddaughter was born. After the birth of his first daughter, Probosses reassessed his life. “One day I began to think about the future and decided that … I did not have an invitation to act. To do this profession well, you must have a calling, and I did not feel it. Something changed in my life when I became a father “- he admitted in an interview with” Echo today “.

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It was then that he realized that he did not want to waste his life participating in castings and waiting for a call from production. On a personal level, he was interested in sports for a long time, so he took a risk and sent his autobiography to one of the sports editorials. His cover letter was read by Witold Domański, a Eurosport journalist, and he was invited for a preliminary interview. “The next day he sat in the control room and asked me to comment on the race for fifteen minutes. I think it went well, because a day later I commented on the Giro d’Italia. It’s an American fairy tale” – recalled Probosz in an interview with Onet.

Since then, he has been associated with sports journalism, more specifically cycling. Today, he still comments on racing at Eurosport and is considered a champion in his profession. He does not hide that his childhood experiences help him in his journalistic work. Work is a passion that runs in the family too. “I can watch peloton for hours, my passion is shared by my daughter Alicja and my wife Monika. Anyway, my wife is the first and most important reference for me. When I started working at Eurosport, I sat in front of the TV and jotted down all my mistakes on a piece of paper. Now, when I have a successful evening Exceptionally, waiting for me with a glass of martini “- he said in” Live “.

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