Tourism crisis in the Bieszczady Mountains. The war in Ukraine owes everything to it

Roads that seem like endless hills, gentle hills, stunning views, the wildness of nature – all this and much more than we can expect from the Bieszczady Mountains.

The Bieszczady Mountains are mountain ranges in the Carpathian Range, this massif is divided into two main parts: Western Bieszczady, located in Poland and Ukraine, and Eastern Bieszczady, located only on the Ukrainian side.

It turns out that the proximity of Ukraine is the cause of concern for local hoteliers and restaurants. The two-year pandemic affected people who had businesses across Poland.

So it is no wonder that they are now enjoying the summer season without restrictions. However, after a long weekend in May, it was clear that the Bieszczady Mountains were the least visited area.

The war in Ukraine and the proximity of this place to the border beyond which the drama raises the concerns of tourists when it comes to security issues. Panic broke out in the first weeks of fighting in our western neighbour. People started canceling reservations at guesthouses and hotels in Bieszczady en masse. Businessmen in a panic urge not to do this and to ensure safety.

“The second value is security. We have to start making people aware that we are just a reception area. Refugees from the Bieszczady mountains mostly go to the big cities, especially those who take up work. We also need to report that there are no illegal immigrants here” – explains Lucena Pachyuk in an interview with “Sanuk Our City”.

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Until now, the Bieszczady Mountains, due to their low and interesting prices, have been visited by students and people who are just starting their life. In addition, the years in which tourist vouchers were given out to families with children made it a good time for tourism in this region of Poland.

Unfortunately, inflation and a lack of tourists, for example, are forcing restaurants to raise prices. For the famous Bieszczady pie, we will pay from 40 to 50 zlotys, which is a very high price.

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It also discourages tourists to choose this direction. In addition to inquiries about prices, tourists have many doubts about safety, which is why the authorities decided to launch an information campaign that would reach a wider audience.

“We will certainly start an information and promotional campaign, but it must be responsible. We have to rethink how to respond to the needs of the tourism industry” – argues Anna Przychovska, director of the Subcarpathian Region Tourist at Sanuk. Our city organized in Rzeszów.

However, the regional authorities believe that the beauty of the Bieszczady mountains will also entice tourists this year. From the immensity of the trails in Bieszczady National Park, through the most famous peaks to be conquered, to the surrounding attractions, there is no doubt that this region has charm and … peace.

“Our greatest asset is the people who love the Bieszczady Mountains, who have saved the tourism industry during the pandemic,” says Lucyna Pściuk, who is responsible for managing tourist groups on social media.

The same people who adore the Bieszczady Mountains hope that this region will help save it from the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

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