TK Maxx: Balcony and Garden Makeover

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Sunny and warm days encourage you to spend more time outside. Everything invites us to an adventure of intensely flowering and magnificent nature. The perfect moment has come for gardening, but also for arranging the balcony and garden. Immerse yourself in beautiful spring green with original furniture, elegant accessories and useful accessories that you can find in TK Maxx stores.

At TK Maxx, famous for fashion and accessories, you can also buy items that will transform your balcony and garden. Finding gems from among the thousands of inspiring objects will be easier when defining your style. Are you interested in modern minimalist, neo-colonial, ethnic or perhaps rustic style? Don’t worry, you don’t need to know this now, you’ll see for yourself when you visit one of the 50 TK Maxx stores.

Vase with a floral pattern, PLN 59.99 (Photo: Press Materials)

Start with what works – formulas for plants. At TK Maxx you will find decorative ceramic vessels of various sizes, but also practical plastic containers or holders and metal casings in interesting shades of copper and bronze. Think of original solutions, such as placing plants in baskets or decorative boxes. You will definitely need colored gloves and a set of gardening tools. Do not forget about the watering can, if you choose a stylish one, it will become a decoration and will not hide it in the corners, but rather expose it – always in view and always at hand.

Now think of your comfort. How do you like to spend time in green? Reading, sunbathing, or perhaps receiving guests? Complete the things that prove convenient. Colorful seat cushions? A blanket for the evening? Or maybe a cool ceramic tile rug or a picnic blanket on the lawn? Remember that in TK Maxx you will also find furniture. Open up about the funky stuff, maybe chic stools would come in handy on your porch? Inlaid in oriental style is a real gem.

Chair, PLN 349.99 (Photo: press materials)

Imagine a Saturday brunch with songbirds or an outdoor dinner with friends—yes, you need the right cutlery. Stained glass is perfect for the summer sun. Plaid-patterned glasses and glasses in all colors of the rainbow will bring humor and energy. But also consider ceramics, for example dishes with large floral patterns, which would be very bold in everyday kitchens. Or maybe your choice would be a rustic painted jug? Lemon juice will definitely come in handy. As well as rose coffee powder with tea infuser.

Coffee machine, PLN 74.99 (Photo: press materials)

Finally, be in the mood. Here you can turn off the practical approach, relying on your intuition. An elegant silver vase, even without fresh flowers, will turn the balcony into a living room. The atmosphere will also be created by candles in elegant glass containers or incense sticks. Match the fragrance to the theme of your garden. And make a stock, because you will quickly find out that evening conversations in such a place will become a family ritual.

When you enter TK Maxx, you open up to adventure. You never know what you’ll find on the shelves. This amazing variety is a strategy – brand buyers travel the world in search of attractive merchandise and value-for-money deals. They are looking for products from designers and luxury brands, as well as the most famous, but the principle is always the same: prices at TK Maxx are up to 60% lower than normal selling prices in Poland and around the world. And if we add that deliveries to stores are regular and are made several times a week, then the adrenaline rises. Be warned: the search for beautiful things is addictive, it will be difficult to shop anywhere else, especially since there are sections for women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, but also shoes, accessories, children’s products and home under one roof.

Blanket, PLN 79.99

jug 49.99 zlotys

Square sheet, 134.99 PLN

Glass, 16.99 PLN

Set of 4 cups, PLN 49.99

Cushion, PLN 84.99

Bowl, 34.99 PLN

Vase, 99.99 zlotys

Potted plant PLN 84.99

Cushion, 79.99 PLN

Basket, 49.99 zlotys

Watering can, 59.99 PLN

Rugs, 199.99 PLN

Dishes zloty 169.99

Rug, 74.99 PLN

Vase 59.99 PLN

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