The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. What did you start with?

One of the most famous lawsuits of the last decade is in progress, which is being broadcasted live on TV and widely circulated and commented upon by media outlets around the world. Johnny Depp has accused his ex-wife, Amber Heard, of defamation. More details are emerging about the turbulent relationship between the two former lovers. How did this fight start?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – A story of struggle

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met on the set of Rum’s Diary. The actor, who was then married to Vanessa Paradis, entered into an affair and soon decided to leave his wife, with whom he has two children, for a mistress younger than him. The couple married in 2015, and a year later the divorce papers were filed with the court. In 2018, Amber Heard published an article in the Washington Post where She described herself as a victim of domestic violence. Although the perpetrator was not mentioned by name, everyone in Hollywood knew who he was talking about. The accusations excluded Depp from the film industry and ruined his career.

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The actor 2 years lost his hearing with “The Sun”, which In one of his texts, he was called a “martyr”.. Johnny always insists on it He never hit any woman. Therefore, he decided to file a defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. The case began on April 11 and was broadcast live on television. “Pirates of the Caribbean” star He is claiming $50 million in damages from his ex-wife, accusing her of psychological and physical abuse. “It could have started with a blow, or a push, or tossing the TV remote into my head, or throwing a glass of wine in my face,” Johnny said at the hearing.

Depp also stated in court that his ex-wife burned him right after she broke a vodka bottle in his hand, causing him to lose a piece of his finger. In turn, Amber’s staff provided recordings of the actor and text messages that the star sent to his wife and friends at the time, which put him in a bad situation. “It’s surreal when you’re considered Cinderella one day and you’re Quasimodo the next. I don’t deserve it,” said the actor.

What's new in business presentation?

What’s new in business presentation?

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Millions watch this broadcast. Mr. Alejandro Romero recently testified that he was working in the apartment building where the couple lived. You’ve been driving, smoking, and that’s what you’ve experienced. America is indignant. Sandra Haydock said the game is worth about $50 or $100 million.

The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Film critic Anna Tatarska commented on Dzień Dobry TVN on the court battle between Depp and Heard. Why is the operation in front of the cameras? – Trials in states have been shown live for several decades. It probably started in 1991. I get the impression that this is something very special about American popular culture. It gives viewers the impression that they can take an objective stance because they understand the facts, But at the same time he makes this process a show and something like a circus – Tatarska admitted.

The hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp is trending on social media. – There was no trial to find out who hit whom, who did what and to whom. He is not a convicted criminal. We’ve been watching a media show since they broke up. who, in the current climate, leans toward the person who first appeared as the victim, Amber Heard. (…) Depp’s career really fell apart after this 2018 Washington Post post. He is suing her for defamation that has damaged his value as an actor. I don’t want to make excuses for him, but Technically he fell victim to “abolition of culture”, which is now gaining strength. Someone said something, and it wasn’t judged whether their ex was right, but It has become an uncomfortable commodity Film critic said.

As noted by Anna Tatarska, it is worth considering the process of actors and the general mood associated with it through the prism of a broader context. A few years ago, the Hollywood industry was shocked by the case of producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of molesting several women. Ultimately, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison for extorting a sexual act into helping Mimi Halea and raping actress Jessica Mann. The producer had to treat more than 80 other women in a similar manner. So, in 2017, the civic movement “#MeToo” took off in America, which drew attention to the problem of sexual harassment of women.

After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, in all of this discussion, that we’re giving ground to women who have been oppressed by the system, that’s kind of working for Amber Heard. As a rule and from the momentum through the context, I got a lot more confidence, Although if we look closely, a lot of uninteresting things will also appear. I think this is an attempt at the culture we are in and I recommend watching this process with great vigilance, distance and awareness of the situation we are in – Anna Tatarska confirmed.

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