The Great September 2022 with the third announcement. Martin Lang, Ignacy and Julia Wenyawa join the team

Over 100 artists and many more scenes – this large event size allows you to freely plan your stay at the lodge during the event. From rap and alternative, from pop and rock, to jazz and electronics. The organizers state that the kind of festival in which specialized artists can present themselves has opened the way to great fame for Polish stars, including Daria Zawau, Ralph Kaminsky, Cortez, Kasia Lins, Piotr Zyusha or the Sunbird group – these are just some of the artists whose careers began or gained momentum at the show festival.

In the third declaration, the event configuration is joined by:

Julia Winyawa – An artist, although primarily known for her glass screen appearances, she is now continuing her career in two ways. The premiere of her debut album, recorded with notable authors, is scheduled for June. A mixture of pop, dance and R&B – that’s what we can definitely expect from Wieniawa’s debut. Victor Deduca – Once you participate in the program “Voice of Poland”who is currently working on a single article. It will definitely be full of hit songs – like the single “Koło Fortuny”. Stanislavv He has, among other things, cooperation with Margaret, and this is just the beginning of his musical path. In the single “The One”, he presented his huge potential – and, above all, an intriguing vocal color, thanks to which he is sometimes compared to Ed Sheeran.

once upon a time Ignatius He appeared to viewers of the program “The Voice Kids” as a phenomenon – he was delighted with his beautiful voice and sensitivity. Then there was the wonderful single “The Dream”, and this is still just the beginning of his musical path, which you will be glad to watch. Oneiric and mysterious radiate He is one of the most interesting young artists on the Polish music scene in recent years. She sings about the moon, about nightmares and immersion, but when we hear these stories in a calm voice, the monsters aren’t scary anymore.

ód team Hema He invites us into his cozy world, the hearth of the house, where there is a place for sensitivity and reflection, but also for pleasure. Their sound combines indie rock, shoegaze, and many other related genres. Atlanta, a remake of the musical activity of Kasia Golomska and Kamil Durski, formerly known as Lilly Hates Roses, is already at home in the Polish music scene. Together, they brought refreshments in the guise of modern pop music, boldly reaching for electronics, enriched with reactive lyrics. It’s been a long time since no one rocked the Polish music scene to the beat of rock and b as well Full Hussain. “Mandala”, “I have to go there on my own” and the single “Letni Słodki Deszcz” showed that the artist is able to paint from completely different musical worlds.

Michao Lang and Marcin Makovich are a duo of experienced songwriters, who debuted as Martin Lang It’s my own view of music – a look full of emotion, reaching into various musical expressions, under a broad umbrella called “pop”. poison They are playing punk at a time when classical punk is getting tougher. In their latest release, EP”I hate it” As of 2020, in addition to anger and frustration, you can hear strong references to American hardliners. small city kidslike Filip Wojtal and Michał Świder, are early high school friends Cities big and smallreleased by Asfalt Records, they boldly merge the genres: a trap appears next to the r&b, only to make room for captivating tunes in an instant.

Whoever has never eaten pizza with his friends on the city sidewalk, let him first throw a stone. The carefree summer atmosphere, swinging around the estate, skateboarding and the company of the best citizens is something you will find in the music Buffalo Pizza. band concert wow They may be some of the busiest festivals – they are young, talented and love jazz.

single Implicitly by Sophie Szklarska She showed that she did not want to be divided into a certain musical genre. However, it is the closest to the electronic variant, but this is just the beginning.

The May boys stole their hearts with one tale about the most beautiful month of the year, but not just the carelessness in their heads. project music sun king It’s a great mix of soft rock and pop that really can save the day. Franio Mucha, And in fact, Mikołaj Gawron is an 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist from Opole who does everything himself: he is responsible for production, composition and scripts. His music is full of magic, combining funk on the one hand and post punk on the other. Author and singer Joanna Komorowska (formerly Hanimal) and music producer and composer Mikai Storumsky (Afro Collectio, Nervos Holidays) serve as a journey into the world of not-so-scary ghosts. Like ghostsThey recorded the “Nocą See Better” EP, a group of dreamlike and intriguing pieces that deeply touches upon the musical style of the ’80s.

The city is the co-organizer of Great September lodge And وودód Event Center. Festival sponsors are mBank And Master Card Credit Card.

The September Big Show Conference and Festival will be held from 15-17 September at the clubs and cultural venues of ód. So far, the following artists have been announced at the festival: Ralph Kaminsky, Julia Winyawa, The Kasperchik Brothers, Szchel, Alukraxacarizis, Victor Deduca, Stanislavf, Ignasi, Rubens, Frank Lane, Icarus Vail, Jacob Skoruba, Oysterboy, Michelangelo, Hema, Euroventa, Oysterboy, Camilangelo, Hema, Uesterbojvn, Róża, Faustyna, Maciejczuk, Patryk Pietrzak, Martin Lange, Jad, The Small Town Kids, Guest Julka, Dawid Grzelak, Flowers, Pavement Pizza, Klawo, Sophie Szklarska, Midsommar, Dawid Tyszkowski, Janodn, OVE, Franodyn Król , Franjo Mucha, Volska, Zspol Stelete, President, Lea Sky, Duchy, Cuba Dubrovsky, Czechoslovakia.

The price of a ticket for three days is 129 PLN (until August 31, from September 1, the price increases to PLN 149). Tickets can be purchased via eBilet and Eventim. Organizers encourage artists who wish to appear on stage to apply.

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