Tarnowskie Gorey. Square by Mateusz Adamczyk on vinyl and in the palace in Rybna

The album “Square” was released on vinyl in a limited series of 400 copies. The party will take place before the premiere on Sunday at the Palace in Rybna. Matthew Adamczyk talks about his latest album.

Square is 100 percent. Original project by Mateusz Adamczyk. He created the sheet music, took care of recording and musical production, and the album cover is an abstract portrait of his composition. Of course, you can hear it on the album itself. From the beginning I was clear about what I wanted the album to look like, so the writing and recording process went very smoothly. It was worse with release and production. The delay was significant – he recalls.

The album was released as a vinyl in a limited number of 400 copies. 100 albums will have a unique hand-made cover of Mateusz Adamczyk.

– I wanted it to be an album for music lovers, people who listen to such music can stop and spend half an hour concentrating. It was produced in a very good factory in Germany, everything is at the highest level – he confirms.

The “square” is a four-action piece for an electroacoustic quad. Accompanying Matthews Adamczyk (violin): Peter Swajcic (piano), Peter Zuval (bass) and Krzysztof Mika (drums). Recording went very smoothly. If musicians are at a certain musical level and stage in their lives, and they have good taste and feeling, you can say that music works on its own, he says.

The inspiration is amazing. Apart from the works of composers: Andrzej Panufnik and Bogusław Schaeffer, Mateusz Adamczyk also mentions … geometry and the Fibonacci sequence. This mathematical problem, which explains phenomena in nature and space, is used in anatomy, architecture, engineering, art and physics. It turns out that everything that surrounds us and our lives is connected to it, especially music. I tried translating geometric shapes into the language of music. I was wondering where I see triangles, squares. Over time, what can be heard on the album has evolved – explains the Tarnowskie Góry consonant. The final material gives the audience plenty of room for simultaneous interpretation, and the musicians of many clips have a chance to improvise.

You will be able to listen to this music for the first time live at the Rybna Palace. The concert will start on the 19th, tickets cost 50 PLN. You will also be able to purchase vinyl.

– Of course, no two parties will be the same, and that was the assumption from the start. Playing the same thing all the time at some point kills creativity and emotions, which is crucial for a musician – says Mateusz Adamczyk. The party will start while it’s still light, in the future preferably playing “Square” later. He has an idea for a group that fits into the music. Thanks to this, the listener will feel as if he is in a different world.

There is music to be played for fun and entertainment or for money. There is also music that is supposed to enrich the listener and bring something to his love life. Recent years have been mostly about accessible music. Experimental and pioneering things still get more attention and appreciation abroad, and less in Poland – he admits.

Matthew Adamczyk: Violinist, composer and traveler. Since 2004, he has been working with Marcin Wyrostek, with whom he has recorded several albums that have won the admiration of the public and critics. The list of projects on which he has collaborated for a very long time includes Coloriage, Tango Corazon, Kayah and Transoriental Orchestra. Play with the Orquestra Simfonica de Sant Cugat and with The Johnny Freelance Experience. For several years he has been collaborating with the international art movement called “World Unplugged” with which he regularly performs throughout Europe. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Katowice and the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya in Barcelona. He began his musical education at the age of six in a first-class elementary music school. IJ Paderewski in Tarnowskie Góry in Violin Class by Iwona Drozdowska. After three years of schooling, at the age of eight, he began performing in the Tarnogórzanie Song and Dance Ensemble.


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