NFT Mintiq – Polish art (Malczewski, Dali) for the world

NFT Mintiq – Polish art (Malczewski, Dali) for the world

Thanks to Polish startup SmartVerum, the collected artworks will appear in galleries from around the world for the first time in the digital world of NFT. NFT Mintiq’s first art exchange will feature works by notable artists, incl. Salvador Dali and Jacek Malchowski. In the coming months, thanks to SmartVerum, artists will be able to share their work in a pay-per-view model, and art galleries will create galleries in the metaverse.

A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is a type of digital certificate of ownership, based on secure and decentralized blockchain technology. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when cultural institutions had limited opportunities to reach an art audience, the NFT market exploded and celebrities were in a fad buying NFT as a status symbol. Tokens presented artists with unprecedented opportunities and sparked a debate about digital ownership. The story of Mike Winkelman (pseudonym Beeple), who sold for $69 million a year ago thanks to NFT, has resonated widely. 13-year college business. This is the third most expensive work by a living artist.

For years, digital art was second-class art because it was impossible to sell. Artists who have a great workshop, are able to do wonders with a computer or tablet, have created works for the drawers. Thanks to NFT, what is digital has gained value. This technology has already shown its true cultural significance. Plus, it’s easy to split digital ownership of great works, making it easy to be both a patron of art and an investor. – Comments by Bartosz Bellecki, founder and president of SmartVerum, author of the upcoming book Art 3 about art in the world of Web 3.0.

The ambitious role of the Polish startup in the new digital revolution

SmartVerum is a Polish start-up that specializes in combining Web3.0 technology with the world of fine art. The founder of the project, Bartosz Bellecki, is an entrepreneur and former expert in the Ministry of Digital Affairs and an enthusiast in the art and technology of blockchain. In the first stage of development, his team focused on the burgeoning art market in East Asia (Taiwan, Japan, South Korea), and therefore, for example, collaborated with Dr. Maciej Jaca, senologist and diplomat. SmartVerum is recommended by Prof. Marek Wasylewski, director of the Arsenał Gallery in Pozna, and Anna Streżyńska, former Minister for Digitization. SmartVerum President, Bartosz Bilicki, expects NFT technology to become the basis for the exchange of values ​​in the art world in the twenty-first century:

NFT technology is a new way of acquiring artwork. We can add it to our own collection or treat it as an investment vehicle. SmartVerum creates a bridge between the world of traditional and digital art According to Bilicki, the development of NFT is part of a broader trend. – Our social life is moving more and more to the Internet, new creative professions appear. She argues that digital creators need platforms where their work is recognized and rewarded.

Polish startup opens NFT stock exchange

Bilicki argues that it is Mintiq that will get the artists the space to present their digital work. The start of the project was announced on May 18 at the I Love Marketing Conference, one of the marketing and technology industry’s largest meetings. Mintiq is the first Polish NFT sales platform focused solely on art. It connects artists, art lovers and collectors in a unique project on a global scale. Only verified works will appear on the Mintiq platform, thanks to consultations with galleries, museums and art historians. The purchase can be made through traditional payment methods and cryptocurrencies.

In the initial phase, Mintiq will provide a preview of the artwork, and when enough users are collected, online auctions will start with the ability to get NFT. As the creators of the exchange assure, new world-class works will appear on it in a row.

The SmartVerum Marketplace is also an opportunity for art galleries to monetize in the post-pandemic digital world. The Polish company already has experience in this gained during the collaboration with Galeria Ego and Galeria Miejska Arsenał in coding the works of the famous artist Leon Tarasewicz

Existing NFT trading platforms, such as OpenSea, operate in a way unimaginable to a reputable art gallery. The model that allows anyone to display literally anything that exposes the buyer of the artwork to abuse. Collectors and representatives of auction houses and galleries are consulted in our exchange activities, and digital exhibits are selected, ensuring quality – says SmartVerum President Bartosz Bilicki and adds – The NFT market consists of elements of a different nature that should not be treated in the same way. Artworks represent 3% of all NFTs but 8% of turnover. For comparison, items in computer games account for up to 55% of the NFT as well as 8% of the sales volume. These are completely different investment conditions, hence the urgent need to create niche platforms.

Mintiq and much more…

SmartVerum is not just an NFT exchange, but a complete digital ecosystem for artists, art institutions and enthusiasts. In the following months, the company will launch the Art as a Service, thanks to which the artist can make his works available all over the world, at the cost of a small subscription, which will be cheaper for the viewer than a ticket to a famous exhibition .

For artists, especially professionals, digitization is an opportunity to reach a wider audience. This can be seen, for example, in the music industry, which has already undergone a digital transformation. Art as a service to highlight the art world. Thanks to these solutions, art will become more globalized. For example, we will allow an artist from Krakow to present their work in a gallery from Singapore in a pay-per-view format. Thanks to this, he will receive a monthly fee for sharing his work – Bartosz Bellecki points out.

Another pillar of SmartVerum is Artverse, a metaverse dedicated to art, driven by elements of gamification. The Arsenał Gallery from Pozna has already used such a solution, allowing its guests to tour the virtual gallery. Its official opening is scheduled for early June and July. The final piece of the SmartVerum puzzle is the so-called square or frameless digital screens for displaying artwork in NFT format. These 50 x 50 cm screens can be combined into modules and decorate the interior, achieving more creative effects than in the case of traditional panels.

Join the elite group of art patrons

SmartVerum addresses its project even to those who do not want to invest their own money in NFT today. Among the first 10,000 people who register on Mintiq will be chosen at random from the M3ssengers chain, with an estimated value of 50,000. The Gap. M3ssengers, or messengers, is a reference to business angels who support the development of young businesses. The selected code guarantees access to an exclusive group of people who invest in art, thus participating in art auctions, banquets and banquets.

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