In the new song, he honors all the victims of the war in Ukraine

The leader and founder of the group Łzy – Adam Koncol defeats the following teams The hearts of fans with a new song called “You’re here somewhere.” Over 200,000 visits in just a few hours.

After the success of “AGNIESZKI 2.0” and the single “NA PARAPETIE”, Adam Konkul leads the new, beautiful and sexy singer Paulina Tetkin, whose voice is deceptively similar to that of former singer Anna Wiscony, with the release of another song.

The band Tears in the new song honors all the victims of the war in Ukraine.


In the video, Polina Tetkin plays a loved one whose husband goes to war. A man must leave his wife and children behind to serve and fight for his country. A woman experiences a separation when her husband has not been back for a long time, loses all hope and begins to mourn him with the children. She is sure that he died in the war. Fortunately, this story is one of the few that ends on a positive note.

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The song was written by Adam Koncol, who is responsible for all of the group’s success. In the times when the band was bright, it was his songs that won the hearts of listeners and won the most important music awards in the country.

Konkol has created songs such as Agnieszka, Narcissus, Blue Dress and Eyes (music) widely closed, all songs on the album ‘In Solitude Relationship’ are composed by him and practically 90% of Tears’ works are written by Konkol.

At the end of last year, Konkul decided to exclude all the musicians who so far bothered to create new songs, and together with Paulina Tetkin and the new lineup, released singles in which they conquered the hearts of fans.

The comments we can read are captivating, among others. “Old Tears are back, new singer looks identical to Wyszkoni, you’ve moved in time, congratulations to Mr. Konkol,” there are also longer comments from the band’s longtime fans, which read:

“I started listening to tears when I was 6 or 7. They were my first conscious and favorite band and have been number one for many years. When Anya left, I left too. It was prompted not by a change of singer, but a drastic change in the climate in which I started Tears are moving. Today I remember the comments on all the music pages for “Tears Without Me Not Tears.” I found it very harmful because the team is made up of people, not just a striker. In my opinion, a better phrase would be “Pop tears are not tears.”

I still listen to the old songs, so every now and then there are new ones that I avoid, because it totally misses what I loved 20 years ago.

But this morning, this song hit the playlist by accident. At first, I thought, “Why don’t I know this? From which album is this?” After seeing the release date, I rubbed my eyes in amazement and there was a tear in my eye.

I couldn’t believe it was fresh. Same previous vibes, rock vocals and vocals, which many might mistake for Anya. How in this forest about tears you find the gems of understanding what I wrote above?

I look forward to the new rock songs. Mr. Adam, hats off. ”You can read thousands of these comments within Konkul’s latest songs.

“We would like to dedicate this song to all those whose hearts were broken during the war … the war. Evil that can swallow dreams in an instant, take away hope for a peaceful future. Cause suffering and pain leave you longing. In the twenty-first century, it seemed impossible, absurd, and yet It really happened… A war that goes on and takes lives, affects us all. It probably started with a bad word, jealousy, regret. Maybe because of a lack of acceptance, looking away, a lack of empathy for the other person. We, even though we’re only musicians, want To convey to you little feelings that will make you think of you, and perhaps touch you. Feelings that show solidarity. Let us be together in this anxiety, better for each other every day.”

Written by the leader and founder of the band
Adam Koncol

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