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Discover interesting facts from the extraordinary life of Grace Jones – models, singers, actresses, performers, and pop culture icons of the 70s and 80s.

Today is her birthday Grace Jones – one of the most extraordinary and attractive artists. We present interesting facts and lesser known facts from the life of this amazing person.

Grace Jones – Artist Born (Just When?)

Grace Jones was born on the 19th of May…I think 1948 in Spanish Town, Jamaica. The artist herself claims that the year of her birth quoted everywhere is incorrect. In her 2015 autobiography, I’ll Never Write My Diary, she wrote, “I’m said to be older than I really am,” claiming that she is actually four years younger than her, but “I don’t care at all. I like to keep this a secret.” Years later, the artist remembered her childhood as unhappy: She grew up in a strict religious family, couldn’t play with her siblings, could only crochet alone. As I mentioned, she crocheted until she peeled the skin off her fingers. Then she bandaged her fingers and continued to crochet. Her siblings, her parents left her to be raised by her abusive grandmother and husband. As Jones recalls, all her upbringing was under the banner of “Angel and Whack.” She did not meet her parents until she left for the United States. Although she was once a quiet and shy child, her brutal upbringing It means that she was not afraid to express her opinion as a teenager, even if it infuriated others, and she was not afraid of provocative behavior.

Beginnings in modeling

Her family moved to Syracuse, New York, when Jones was 13 years old. Then she started modeling – first in New York and then in Paris, where she moved in 1970. While working for the new European Planning Agency, she was one of only three models – apart from her, Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange also worked there. They lived together and became friends who “helped and supported each other over the years,” Jones wrote in her autobiography. In France, as a model, she worked with the best – among them Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Versace and Lagerfeld. She appeared on the covers of “Elle” and “Vogue” magazines. Years later, she explained her success in an interview as follows: “I have an interesting face. At least that’s what I was told.

From the club to the stage

While working as a model, Grace Jones threw herself into nightlife and was a regular guest at the legendary Studio 54. As she wrote in her memoirs, she was the “wildest party animal” at the time. At that time, she also dealt with drugs, because, as she remembers, she wanted to try everything at least once. She revealed that she took her first ecstasy with Timothy Leary, which “was like flying to the moon with Neil Armstrong.” With her acting personality and androgynous lifestyle, she became a legend on the New York subway and was even closer to the stage. While still in Paris, in the mid-1970s she released her first single, “I Need a Man”. In 1977 she signed a music contract with Island Records and in 1977 released her debut album “Portfolio”.

Grace Jones would be James Bond if he wasn’t a blade hunter

While she was still studying at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, she applied for jobs. In 1968, she starred in the groundbreaking play “Stinkweed” directed by a drama teacher whom she called her first love. When she left college, she attended actors, which she combined with working in…go-go clubs as a softcore dancer. She starred in several indie (and nightmarish) action and horror films until 1984 opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Terminator. This performance turned out to be her ticket to real fame. Interestingly, acquaintance with the film probably came earlier, but Grace Jones, without reading the script, turned down the role of Zora’s copycat in the masterpiece “Blade Runner” sf. At the time, she was working with her partner, photographer and designer Jean-Paul Gode, who said that “the film was very commercial, and I would also become Hollywood and sell it.” The next night, after turning down the proposed role, she read the script of the film on the plane and fell in love with it. Immediately after landing in Paris, she wanted to notify the studio that she had changed her mind, but then the role went to Joanna Cassidy.

Fortunately, she also got her part: she played Mayday – James Bond’s opponent (Roger Moore) in the movie “Killer View”. This performance earned her critical acclaim and increased her visibility. Interestingly, it was in this film that the future star of the film engraved Dolph Lundgren – friend and bodyguard of Grace Jones at that time – made his debut. Apparently, the reason for the subsequent breakdown of their relationship was the increasing recognition of Lundgren, which he gained after he played the opponent of Sylvester Stallone in the movie “Rocky IV”.

Amazing Grace Jones

These are just a few of the many fascinating facts from the life of the famous artist. Knowing them, he will not impress us much, among others:

  • Banned from Disney World for life after performing topless at Disney’s House of Blues in 1998 and dancing with a lit cigarette (it was not unusual for her to get rid of her shirt during performances);
  • In 1986, she and Andy Warhol skipped Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wedding to Maria Shriver, bursting into the ceremony loudly “at the moment when Arnold and Maria on their knees finished their modest and touching ceremony”;
  • He is fluent in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and German.
  • She was scheduled to appear in the latest James Bond film No Time to Die, but left the role a few minutes before arriving on set when she found out she was supposed to appear on screen for a very short time;
  • She was in many relationships, but married only once – to Turk, Attila Altonbay, whom she met in Belgium. They eventually separated, but did not formalize the divorce, and are legally married to this day. As Grace Jones wrote in her autobiography, “I can’t find him to provide him with divorce papers.

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