FMF Audiovisual Forum – Meetings with masters of cinema and music

During this year’s meetings at the Potocki Palace, there will, of course, be the opportunity to meet the main guest of the festival – John Powell, but we will also talk about the works of Jerzy Skolimovsky or Zygmunt Konichny.
We also invite you to other panels, in which the authors of the film Dark, Almost Night, the Spanish production of The Photographer from Mauthausen, or the science fiction film Everything Will Change will appear.

During the forum, we will explore the differences in music for documentaries, fiction, orchestras and arrangements, we will suggest how to start a career as a film composer, we will answer the question about the role of Polish film music portals in shaping awareness of this musical genre in our country, we also celebrate Dracula’s 30th summer.
The Music Cooperative Society also prepared a special episode with workshops and music presentation. Participants will consider issues of aesthetic and technical changes in film music with an example from the work of Jerzy Skolimowski.
Part of the FMF Audiovisual Forum also includes closed meetings, workshops, recording and mixing sessions for the winners of the FMF Young Talent Award. Under the watchful eye of eminent industry experts, participants will learn the secrets of the entire process of creating an audio clip (including a recording session), and explore issues of functional music specificity in relation to audiovisual and new market principles. techniques. This part takes place mainly at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Music Center in Luslawjee. Classes are planned for May 22-25, and this year, along with composers, a large group of participants will be instrumentalists (OF FMF), graduates of music academies selected in a national competition. Awards given to them are workshops, incl. They will also be playing during this year’s edition of FMF. This year’s Student Enclosed Workshops will be led by, among others: Miriam Cutler, Richard Peliss, Anna Prosozowska-Sala, Nick Wolag, Hans-Martin Boeuf, Bowie Macicki, Katja Suchasewska, Magdalena Piotrowska, Mateusz Beech and Yate Durant.

We invite you to free public meetings with composers and industry experts. Meetings are held at the Potocki Palace from May 25-29. Headphones will be available to all participants – each meeting will be simultaneously translated into Polish or English, respectively.

The detailed program of the FMF Audiovisual Forum is below:

Wednesday 25.05.2020
14.00 – 15.00 dark, most of the night – creators view

Boris Lancuse, Marcin Stachik, Daniel Secci

Coordinator: Krzysztof Siew
15.30-16.30 Listen to them. Night boys. What music do they make – Dracula’s 30th anniversary with Wojciech Kilar

Nikephoros Chrysloras, Pedro Merida, Agata Grapuica, Magdalena Wergko

Thursday 26 May
13.00-14.00 between organizing and arranging

Anna Maria Hosekza, Jan Stokusa, Stanislav Sovinsky, Jan Sanyko

Hosted by Joanna Brunic
14.30-15.30 Mothusun Photographer – Meet the Creators

Mar Targarona, Diego Navarro, Pedro Merida and Joaquin Padro

Hosted by Gorka Oteiza

Meet the Music Collaborative Series

Friday, May 27, 2020
11.30-12.30 Evolution or revolution? Over the years, Polish Internet portals have shaped the awareness of film music

Bowie Citroensky, Adam Kreczynski, Andrei Zachowski, Robert Piaskowski

Curator: Thomas Joska
13.00-14.00 How to start a career as an author

Francesco Berta, George Cristopoulos, Yikon Yu
14.30 – 15.30 La Dolce Vita
Legendary Forum Music Village announces FMF Rome

Marco Patrignani, Diego Navarro, Robert Piaskowski
16.00-18.00 International Network for Music and Audio Arts in Education (FMF Edition) – Closed meeting IMMSANE

Hosted by Yati Durant

Saturday 28.05.2020
11.30-12.30 John Powell – Backstage music

John Powell, Pato Sener, Holly Seidels
13.00-14.30 How are documentary degrees recorded, different from other degree projects?

Miriam Cutler and Richard Bellis
14.30 – 15.30 Everything Will Change: How to Make a Sci-Fi Score and an Amazing Album

Gary Marlowe, Hans Martin Buff
16.00-17.30 Words and music in ZYGMUNT work are essential

Zygmunt Konecny, Joanna Solovska

Curator: Maria Wilczyk-Krupa

Sunday May 29, 2020
10.00-15.00 Literary Moments – Children’s Reading School (PL / UKR) – FMF . Edition

The organizer of the forum is the Krakow Festival Office. The following universities are participating in the implementation of the event: AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Akademia Muzyczna im. Krzysztof Penderecki in Krakow, cultural institutions (including the Krzysztof Penderecki European Music Center). Substantive collaboration is also ensured by the affiliated authors (ASCAP, ZAiKS). Classes will be conducted, among other things, by composers, sound engineers, and agents. The ZAiKS Authors’ Association is the partner of this year’s edition of the FMF Audiovisual Forum.

The organizers of the Krakow Music Film Festival are: Krakow City, Krakow Festival Office and RMF Classic. The strategic partner of the FMF is Krakow Airport, the sponsor of the FMF – Suempol, the main partner of the FMF – Galeria Krakowska and the partner of the FMF – Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa.

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