Coastal Atmosphere in Bedroom – Hampton Style Arrangement

The beautiful Long Island homes that inspired the Hampton style in the first place are known for their comfort. It is the fulfillment of dreams of quiet relaxation, rest on the seaside surrounded by nature. Although the interiors are dominated by freedom and simplicity, they do not lack a little classic elegance, which is felt above all in high-quality comfortable furniture and delicate decorations.

Coastal Atmosphere in Bedroom - Hampton Style ArrangementCoastal Atmosphere in the Bedroom – Hampton Style Arrangement – George Tsamakdas / Shutterstock

The most important element in a successful Hampton-style bedroom arrangement is a large, comfortable bed. It is like the furniture that can be found in luxury hotels – without it, happy relaxation would not be possible. The comfortable headrest (like upholstered), ample space and the right height are hallmarks of the more comfortable Continental bed models, which meet the highest comfort standards and are often featured in arrangements inspired by Hampton apartments. They are not cheap pieces of furniture, but we can feel their quality on our backs.

The signature colors of the Hampton style are subtle, natural hues meant to calm our senses rather than stimulate them unnecessarily. A large dose of white, sandy and gray colors is recommended. Blue, turquoise, or dark blue usually appears as an accent color referring to the colors of sea waves. Coming to the color wheel, it is worth choosing the exact shades. Strong and saturated colors that do not correspond to the concept of a bright natural interior in which we should relax is not recommended.

It is also worth focusing on natural materials – wood (especially painted white), seaweed, flax, cotton, gauze – all those that affect our health and allow the skin to breathe. Hampton-style arrangements often feature distinctive white panels on the wall, a type of panel clearly associated with a beachfront home.

A really cozy bedroom needs warm additions that enhance the relaxed feel that a Hampton-style space should have. Let’s remember the comfortable pillows, which we can dress up in sea colors or combine with pure bedding. Soft blankets and warm pavement under your feet will also be helpful. The rug will perform better than the rug, which may slightly spoil the natural, free atmosphere of the interior.

Warm and in a marine climateCozy and in a sea climate – Chaykoi / Shutterstock

Let’s also not forget about the roller blinds or the opaque blinds that will help us sleep well. Avoid intense patterns on fabrics – they should not attract attention. Let’s focus on the natural shade and high-quality fabrics that guarantee a good night’s sleep. It is also worth introducing some decorative elements that will make us feel the atmosphere of the sea. It can be dried palm leaves, abstract watercolors in shades of blue sea, a small lighthouse brought from a trip or a glass bowl filled with shells. Remember not to have too many items. A Hampton-style arrangement is essentially an open, empty space in which the decorations are just a subtle addition.

The natural and relaxed hampton style is associated with solid colors, which does not mean that introducing selected patterns into the arrangement is a mistake. The main thing will be to choose the right style that matches the mood of the interior and will not disturb its harmony.

A good idea would be to use sea-related lines. However, it is worth choosing a less contrasting combination of the popular dark blue with white. The best duet, for example, would be white with blue or beige, which may appear on curtains, bedspreads or pillows. An interesting motif is also a palm frond, which will serve as a pattern for bedding or rugs.

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