Cannes 2022: Kirill Serebrenkov Russian film about Pyotr Tchaikovsky

“Tchaikovsky’s Wife” is one of 21 productions participating in the main Cannes competition. His appearance in the official selection provoked mixed reactions. Critics noted that event organizers were inconsistent. On the other hand, the festival authorities refused to issue accreditation to Russian journalists due to the invasion of Ukraine. On the other hand, they qualified for the main competition film co-financed by the Special Film Fund of the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

Movie Kirill Serebrinkova It presents the story of the marriage of the Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, which was one of the main points of his biography. The decision to start a family – which was taken to put an end to rumors about his sexual orientation – caused the artist to suffer a serious psychological crisis. Serebrennikov is the scriptwriter, and Vladislaw Opelyants is the cinematographer. The actors included, among others Odin Perun, Alina Mikhailova and Ekaterina Ermishina.

The premiere of the picture was held on Wednesday. The show ended with a few minutes of standing ovation. When asked before the show if his film was political, Serebrenkov replied that “every play nowadays has a political dimension.” “War kills people, and art makes us realize how fragile human life is and how important it is to save every person,” he said, referring to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The artist also expressed gratitude for the reunion of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Festival. “It is an expression of the fact that the festival is inseparable from reality. It is very important” – he emphasized.

Kirill Serebnikov (born 1969) is one of the most important directors of Russian cinema and theater. In 2012, he became the artistic director of the Moscow Theater Theater. Mikołaj Gogol, who later changed his name to Gogol Center (Russian: Gogol Centr) and became an important center of Moscow’s artistic life. Bold interpretations of classical works and avant-garde ballets realized that there was anathema to Russian religious activists and the Ministry of Culture, which in 2017 found adaptations of Russian classics in the Gogol Center “inappropriate.” Serbrennikov was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement of public funds and placed under house arrest.

An appeal for his release was made by the European Film Academy, as well as by other artists and art organizations in Russia and abroad, suggesting that the trial was politically motivated. In 2019, the director was released from house arrest, and a year later – a Moscow court sentenced him to a suspended three-year prison sentence. When his previous film “Petrov’s Flu” entered the main competition last year, the director was still forbidden to leave the country and participated in the remote event.

Serebriennikov also produced a number of other award-winning films – “Playing the Victim” (2006), “A day in Yuriev” (2008) “student” (2016). He made his debut in the cinema in 2004, based on the short story directed by Anthony Chekhov “Sala No. 6” with the film “Doctor Ragin”, and a year later received the “East-West” award at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. He also presented one of the parts of the series “Short Circuit” (2009) and the psychological drama “Betrayal” (2012), which was nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Apart from “Tchaikovsky’s Wife”, this year, among others, “The Stars at Noon” Claire Dennis“show” Kelly Richart“IO” Jerzy Skolimowski“crimes of the future” David Cronenberg“intermediary” Hirokazu Kuride and “Eight Mountains” Felix van Groningen And Charlotte Vandermersch.

The winner of the main competition will be announced on the 28th of May during the ceremony to be held at the Grand Theater Lumiere. He will be chosen by a jury consisting of a French representative Vincent Lyndon. Next to him was the body, including: a British actress Rebecca HallIndian actress Deepika Padukone, Swedish actress Noomi Rabas Italian actress and director Jasmine TrincaAs well as an Iranian director, screenwriter and producer Asghar FarhadiFrench director, screenwriter and actor luge me, American director and screenwriter Jeff Nichols Norwegian director and screenwriter Joachim Trier.

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