Warsaw. Summer season from Flying Body Art Theater

Two fashion shows will open in Wola (May 26 – “Flower Power” and June 1 – “Kodaki”) the summer season of the Flying Body Art Theater, where up to 60 different shows and performances will be presented.

Photo by Matilda Durca

The Summer Season of the Body Art Foundation will be full of many attractions. As part of the Flying Theater series, from May to September this year we will be able to watch nearly 60 outdoor shows spread across Warsaw. 8 of them will happen in Wola, which the foundation has been associated with for nearly 7 years.

– Summer has begun, we want to go out and meet people in the fresh air more and more. Especially now after the pandemic. The idea of ​​the Flying Theatre, which does not have a permanent seat and is an open-air theater – this is our way of meeting these needs. This time, no one will have to go anywhere. The culture will meet him in the places where he lives on a daily basis. We’ll start this meeting with two costumed parades for Wola residents, neighbors, and passersby. – says Joanna Płóciennik, director. Body Art.

On May 26, on Mother’s Day, you will be able to enjoy the rich botanical costumes designed by Anna Rudzińska, inspired by, among other things, the appearance of flowers by the Vistula: poppies, digitalis and ponytails. Four actresses – live plants and a gardener – will travel with the audience along the streets of Wola to the tunes of live music. Musicians from BrassBand will provide accompaniment to the show.

– We associate Mother’s Day with giving flowers, which is why we use colorful costumes from the “Buds” show to add some plants to our city office space and to make coming home fun. Not just for moms – Joanna Poluchnik adds.

Friday street performance “The Power of the Flower” will become a great flower parade that will turn into the alleys of solidarity and John Paul II. The show was scheduled to start 16.00 from the Wola County Sheriff’s Office.

The show will feature: Anna Ogovska, Katarzyna Markowska, Joanna Plochenek, Katarzyna Vrubel and Marek Kowalski as gardener.

Imagine a playground that we come to every day with our children. This square is part of their lives, their childhood experiences. By introducing fairy tale characters to it, we want to add a little magic and not only make you smile, but also build beautiful memories that you will be able to come back to for a long time – This is how Joanna Płóciennik summarizes the second “Cudaki” parade that will be held in Wola on the occasion of Children’s Day.

On June 1, everyone who wants to take part in old children’s games (Berek, hide and seek, “the old bear sleeps quietly”) is invited to Apfelbaum Square. The show will start at 4pm The characters of the march are inspired by the heroes of the book “Five Fails” Beatrice Alemagna (two sisters). It’s a light poetic story about the fact that you don’t have to be perfect to live happily. Villieri will walk with spectators around the plaza in Wola and invite the children to play together.

Kodaka’s performance is based on various movement techniques (pantomime, dance, acrobatics and clowning) with the addition of word theater and the use of music. Its important element is the visual layer, which also played an important role in the book itself. Five huge costumes, resembling huge theatrical dolls, were designed by the actors themselves and sewn according to their idea by Monika Włodarczyk and Mrs. Małgorzata Płóciennik. The colors and textures of the materials emphasize the character of the characters, which is readable for children and provokes vivid reactions and a willingness to interact. The show will feature: Katarzyna Markowska, Agata Brzozowska, Anna Ługowska, Adam Gąsecki, Weronika Zaborowska and Joanna Płóciennik.

Pantomime and body theater are art forms ideally suited for recipients with special needs, especially people who are deaf, hard of hearing or who do not speak Polish. Offering outdoor performances also reduces the risk of exclusion due to architectural barriers or the problem of getting there.

– I would like to emphasize that the concept of flying theater is entirely based on the idea of ​​“inclusive culture”, that is, the complete breakdown of institutional and positional distance and the barrier of performance by spectators. In our shows, especially at parades, everyone joins in the fun and creates a common scene – says Joanna Płóciennik.

Participation in parades and performances of the Flying Theater of Body Art series in Woli is free, thanks to co-funding from the city of Warsaw and the Wola region.

The current Flying Theater reference can be found on the institution’s Facebook: fb/sztaciala or at sztaciala.com/calendar

Flying theater for body art

It is a project of the Body Art Foundation that has been in operation since 2009. It is about the idea of ​​an open inclusive theater that does not have a permanent seat and thus can appear to everyone anywhere, removing all barriers to accessing culture.

Body Art Foundation

Since 2009, the foundation’s goal has been to initiate, implement, and support projects related to pantomime, body theater and motion theater. Shows for children, teens and adults are created as part of the Foundation’s many projects.

The repertoire of the group has so far included 14 proposals – from theatrical productions to performance installations organized in halls and on stages such as Teatr Współczesny, Dramatyczny Theater (Scena na Woli), Teatr Stara Prochownia, Teatr WARSawy, Grotowski Institute in Wrocław and in urban space.

In 2020, the Foundation received the second prize in the competition for the Warsaw Prize for Cultural Education for a two-year project: “Wdech Wydech. Spotkania” implemented under the program “Cultural education for recipients of culture and public development”, co-financed by the capital, Warsaw. Warsaw.

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