These Sony headphones promise to be exciting. This is the LinkBuds S.

Using sensors and ambient sound technology, it enables immersive audio entertainment in AR games like Ingress. The new model is also designed to make it as easy as possible to access the music of your favorite artists. The LinkBuds S headphones are perfect for all-day streaming. Thanks to Sony’s famous noise reduction technology and Hi-Res Audio playback, you can enjoy music, video and social media content the way the authors intended.

The smallest and lightest HiRes Audio Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Really wireless headphones LinkBuds S It is extremely compact and lightweight – weighing approximately 4.8 grams. Designed with your comfort in mind. It fits perfectly on the ear, thanks to which it does not cause any inconvenience in long-term use. Comfortable design prevents it from falling off.

Constant connection to the online world and natural surroundings

headphones LinkBuds S Connect the world online and offline perfectly. The innovative concept of ambient sounds presented in the LinkBuds series allows you to interact with the environment, and the high-quality noise reduction system allows you to completely devote yourself to listening. So that the user can easily enter the coffee shop and place the order, then quickly immerse themselves in the entertainment without the distraction of the elements around it.

smart function Adaptive sound control It detects where the user is located and on this basis determines the optimal sound settings, creating ideal listening conditions. It allows you to easily move from one place to another with your favorite performers and entertainers.

A new audio experience for augmented reality games

Sony is working with partner Niantic on augmented audio reality. Both entities create an AR game “Ingress”, where the sound will be an important element next to the image. When using headphones LinkBuds S The sensing technology and ambient sound will give players a new experience to adjust the sound according to the direction the player is looking for.

LinkBuds S / Media

Crystal clear conversations

headphones LinkBuds S Perfect for talking on the phone on a busy street or on a windy day. Clear conversations are ensured by Sony Precise Voice Pickup technology, which perfectly controls the microphones in both the headphones and meshes around the microphones, eliminating wind noise. As a result, colleagues and acquaintances can be contacted from almost anywhere.

Immersive sound and authentic music

headphones LinkBuds S Immersive and honest sound reproduction. They allow you to listen to music, movie soundtracks, and social media content as intended by the authors. The headphones are pretty small, but the new 5mm acoustic drivers deliver powerful bass and remarkably clear bass for an optimal listening experience whatever type of entertainment you choose. The built-in Sony V1 processor improves noise reduction efficiency so that nothing disturbs you listening while traveling, etc. It improves sound and reduces noise, and also reduces power consumption.

LinkBuds S / Media

Thanks to the well-established Sony LDAC codec on the market, the new headphones support wireless Hi-Res audio. DSEE Extreme™, which inserts music from decompressed digital files in real time, restores lost highs and lets you hear every detail the artist has incorporated into the songs you’re listening to.

Ease of handling without using hands

Interacting with the environment is an important part of life, which is why the Speak-to-Chat feature, based on Precise Voice Pickup technology, automatically turns off the music when the wearer begins to speak.

The new headphones are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa Assistant, so without touching your smartphone or headphones, you can ask questions, connect with friends from your phone contacts, get information, play your favorite music, listen to notifications, set reminders, and much more.

Complete control at your fingertips

With its intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel, changing audio settings, turning on Quick Attention mode, or resuming music from Spotify or Endel takes just a few taps on your headphones. Endel allows you to create custom sound fields that allow your body and mind to be fully immersed in sounds while performing a variety of tasks.

Easy bluetooth pairing with quick pairing and quick pairing functions

headphones LinkBuds S Compatible with Google Fast Pair function for fast and convenient pairing with Android™ devices. The Swift Pair functionality will make it easy to pair the headphones with a tablet or computer running Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Next-generation Bluetooth audio

The headphones are designed to support LE Audio – the next generation of Bluetooth audio, which has ultra-low latency and is ideal for gaming.

Designed with the environment in mind

Headphone designers LinkBuds S They paid attention not only to style but also to the environment. As with the entire LinkBuds series, the headphones’ packaging is completely plastic-free. On the other hand, the headphones themselves contain plastic obtained from recycled auto parts. This shows how Sony strives to reduce the environmental impact of its products and activities.

Efficient battery for continuous connection

Sony understands that listening to your favorite recordings from your smartphone should be without a hitch. For this reason, headphones LinkBuds S Wait 6 hours of operation with the noise canceling system turned on. The power reserve for the next 14 hours is stored in an elegant and compact case with charging function.

On a rush, a 5-minute quick charge will allow you to listen to music for up to 60 minutes.

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