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Play plays a very important role in a child’s life. Through it children can develop, learn, create and experience, and this is their own space. For a very long time, children have been in the stage of magical thinking and at play doing what they feel like — the podcast guest said Parents’ Zone, adding that the play brings so much value because with its help, Children are able to experience themselves, get to know themselves, and develop their cognitive and intellectual competencies. Parents often look for educational toys, but forget about toys such as toys that develop emotional intelligence, such as social skills and affect the development of empathy, the psychologist emphasized.

– At the moment, we have strong clinical studies using highly advanced neurobiological equipment, which show that a child who plays with a doll activates an area of ​​the brain that is not only responsible for developing emotional competencies, but social competencies as well. Even when a child plays with a doll alone, it activates this area just as much, notes Marta Cisco Bacopa.

These studies have been compared to research on interactive play using smartphones or tablets, and as guest Ida Nowakowska emphasizes, this type of play does not activate the area responsible for social skills as much as playing with dolls. that it Allowing a child to play with dolls, whether in company or alone with a lacquer or a doll, will revitalize this emotional and social area.

Very shy or introverted children, as well as hypersensitive children, have trouble joining a group. We adults often need to push our kids to extra-curricular activities where there are groups of other kids. Meanwhile, the most withdrawn children do not find themselves in such groups and situations and tend to get nervous. Therefore, it is worth knowing that a child’s playing with a doll, doll or pet is a very safe, very relaxing and very creative activity for this type of child and more.

Can boys play with dolls since when should a close friend be accompanied by a lovable friend? About it in the latest podcast from Polish Radio for Children.

In her interviews, Ida Novakovska, a young mother, asks experts in various fields with questions that bother her. In conversations with experts, he wants to dispel doubts and fears and check the contradictory information available on the Internet. Driven by herself and her experience, she wants to help moms like her with moms first experiences.

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