“The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart at the Wroclaw Opera

The opera that Lorenzo da Ponte wrote was based on a play by Pierre Beaumarchais in 1781.

“Mozart and da Ponte continue the story of Seville Gulibruda, who in due time becomes the administrator of his master’s estate, Count Almaviva (…) The bored aristocrat looks with hope at the beautiful Susanna, his wife’s servant, and at the same time the official fiancée of Figaro. This, however, does not He intends to share it with anyone. So he devises a plot to thwart his master’s intentions,” we read in the description of the performance.

After Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte, “The Marriage of Figaro” completes the trilogy of Mozart and da Ponte, produced for Wroclaw’s Opera by Brazilian director André Heller-López.

The Wrocław Show was created as part of Opera Młodych – a program of the artistic director of the Wrocaw Opera, Mariusz Kwiecień, to support young talents.

During the media rehearsal for the performance on Tuesday, April confirmed that the program at the Wroclaw Opera, unlike other programs in the world, is held on stage under the supervision of professionals. “Thanks to this, young performers do not start somewhere abroad with small roles, but can try to play a role in an opera, under the watchful eyes of professionals, until they are ready to go to any other theater in the world and successfully sing this role.”

He also noted that Da Ponte’s scripts are ideally suited to the performance of young singers. “This is another Mozart title that allows young singers to show their full potential,” the artistic director noted.

According to the show director, the work of Mozart and Da Ponte is still relevant despite the passage of time. It is an article about puberty, problems in marriage, how men behave towards women, and about class divisions. These problems are still very topical today. However, I wanted to place the work in the eighteenth century as it was originally written, because I believe that this is how viewers can observe the behavior of the characters and ask themselves: How can some things continue after so many years. How long can we bear, for example, when men use their power to take advantage of women? André Heller-Lopes told PAP, adding that it’s a comedian after all and we should enjoy it.

He pointed out that his version of “The Marriage of Figaro” is very classic, but at the same time not traditional. “I’ve already done a lot of Mozart’s work and am not a fan of updating it. However, I wanted to play with some elements. So the show takes place in a sense in a fantasy world and the colors are exaggerated. Don Giovani has updated a bit in my production, and I base the performance concept on the element of madness, in Così fan tutte that played in two versions – one modern and one classic. “I think it’s time to just have fun,” Heller Lopez said.

The director also noted the value achieved by the young artists involved in producing the production. “They brought great joy and a kind of freshness and passion. At the same time, they are open to ideas, which is great. For over twenty years, I have been teaching young singers in a music school and I can see how willing they are to take on challenges and learn. While working on the show , they can also brainstorm with other cast members, who are also very young, but more experienced, which is invaluable.”

Bassem Akiki was the musical director of the show. The costumes were prepared by Argentine costume designer Sofia de Nunzio, and choreographed by Łukasz Ożga, Wroclaw Opera Ballet artist.

Two actors will appear on stage. The first show will be artists with some achievements, and the second – students. The first cast will include, among others Lukasz Bakak, Gabriella Pace, Alexandra Obacha, Hana Sosnowska Bell; In the second, among others, are Bowie Horodiski, Adam Kotney, Alexandra Chaska and Zuzana Naliwagic.

Author: Agata Tomczyńska

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