The last five of the Gdynia Prize for Drama. This year, again without the festival R @ port Serwis Kultura

The National Gdynia Drama Prize Competition was established by the Mayor of Gdynia in 2007 as an extension and supplement to the R @ Port Festival of Contemporary Polish Play that had been established two years earlier.

mat. Press releases/photo. Roman Gaucher

Of the 210 plays submitted to the 15th edition of the Gdynia Drama Prize, the technical committee selected five titles. The winner will be announced on October 1, 2022. Earlier, on October 29 and 30, readings and workshop presentations for the plays nominated for the competition finals were planned. The R@port festival accompanied by GND has not been held since 2007.

Tracy theaters repertoire for the months of May and June

Mishaw Boszevic, Magdalena Vertacz, Marius Gause, Artur Batega, and Malina Prziologa These are the five finalists for this year’s Gdynia Drama Award, chosen on May 17th by the Gdynia Drama Award branch. The meeting was chaired by Justina Jawska: Pyotr Dobroolsky, Jacek Kupczynski, Gergegors Niziewicz and Jerzy Stoer. First, out of 210 pieces submitted to the competition, they chose the semi-finalists of the forty, and then nominated five titles for the finals:

  • “sex education” Michal Boszevic,
  • One Thousand and One Nights, Scheherazade 1979 Magdalena Vertacz,
  • “Songs of Polish Bakers” Marius Gozos,
  • “sandwich” Artur Baeja,
  • “Are you still here” Prześluga berries.

Among this year’s finalists, there are the “old men” – almost all of them were honored and even honored at the competition. Magdalena Vertaks won the Gdynia Drama Award in 2008 for the script “Trash Story”, Artur Pałyga in 2013 for the play “Ashes Collect in the Middle of the Sun”. The ‘latest’ winner is Malina Prześluga, whose play ‘Debil’ was awarded in 2020. In turn, Michał Buszewicz qualified for the last five GND matches in 2019 with the script ‘A Few Foreign Words in Polish’.

In 2021, Jolanta Janiczak won the Gdynia Drama Award for her script

In 2021, the winner of the Gdynia Drama Award was Jolanta Janiczak for his script “Nobody Will Believe Me Anyway.”

mat. Press releases/photo. Roman Gaucher

The competition decision and selection of the winner of the 15th Gdynia Drama is scheduled for October 1. During the festive ceremony, the winner will receive a figurine and 50,000 PLN. Last year, the Gdynia Drama Award was awarded to Jolanta Janiczak, author of “No One Believes Me Anyway” play by Jolanta Janiczak.

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Previously, On October 29 and 30, at the Municipal Theater of Gdynia, you will be able to listen to the readings and watch the presentations of the art workshops for the finalists of the competition. For two of the nominated plays, this would not be the first clash with the theatre: Sex Education directed by the same author can be seen at the Współczesny Theater in Szczecin (Premiere: 02/12/2022), and the performance based on a play by Magdalena Vertacz, directed by Wojciech Varuga, performed at the Słowacki Theater in Krakow (premiere: March 26, 2021).

Traditionally, it will also occur Interviews with playwrightswho will direct Łukasz Drewniak.

Despite all efforts, the Municipal Theater did not manage to raise funds, and this year the R @ port festival, which has accompanied the Gdynia Drama Award for many years, will not be held.

Despite all efforts, the Municipal Theater did not manage to raise funds, and this year the R @ port festival, which has accompanied the Gdynia Drama Award for many years, will not be held.


The third time without R@ port.

The Gdynia National Drama Prize Competition was established by the Mayor of Gdynia in 2007 as a competitive review of the latest scripts written specifically for theatre. From the start, it was intended to be a development and complement to the R@Port Festival of Polish Contemporary Arts, which had been established two years earlier. Both projects constituted one joint, cohesive and prestigious project for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary Polish drama. Today we know that for the third time in a row the State of Contemporary Polish Drama will be presented in a very limited format. The organizers informed that The R @ Port Festival of Polish Contemporary Art will not be held in 2022.

Różewicz’s “trap” with the war in Ukraine in the background – review of the latest performance of the city theater

in 2022 City Theater in GdyniaAs the producer of this project, he was awarded a limited grant that allows, in fact, to conduct the competition only for the Gdynia Drama Award. Therefore, the theater decided to postpone its decision to September in order to allow time to search for additional funding sources for the festival part. Funds were sought from the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports, but the application was not considered favorably (0.6 points missing). Cancellation did not help. Private theater sponsors did not help either, because they had already donated their money to other purposes.

last year, Jacek SiradzkiThe director of the festival’s long-term program said:

– On the one hand, we have a pandemic situation, a crisis and the need for savings, and on the other hand, Polish drama is booming, and theaters announce many new premieres. Plus, something really important when it comes to the R@Port symbiosis and the Gdynia Drama Award comes out. After years when the preferences of the drama award class did not necessarily meet the expectations of the viewer, something new happened: the winners of the last two editions: “No one will believe me anyway” Jolanta Janezak and “Dibel” directed by Malina Prześlugi had great success for the first time in Polish theaters. Hopefully, both shows will be participating in the 15th R@Port – if any.
Today we know that will not happen.

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