Sinead O’Connor: ‘Nothing Compares’ Reveals Her True Story?

“nothing compares” It presents the story of his rise to fame Sinead O’Connor (Listen!), as well as her colorful but often rebellious personality, which led to her being excluded from the mainstream.

Viewers could see the star during a concert in Medison Square Garden in 1992, as well as during the famous performance on Saturday Night Live, where a cappella sang a cult song for Bob Marley, in protest of pedophilia in the Catholic Church. Then the star publicly tore up the portrait of John Paul II.

The film focuses on the artist’s five-year activism (1987-1992), and presents her legacy from the perspective of contemporary feminism. in the document Catherine Ferguson O’Connor admits that she never wanted to become a star and did not think about a music career. Singing for her was a way of expressing negative emotions.

The director uses archival recordings from interviews and performances to give the artist a voice. Despite her young age, O’Connor already had very accurate and uncompromising opinions, which she was not afraid to express in public. She spoke about women’s rights and abortion (which she urged her to do), about racism and the mistakes of the Catholic Church. Today, these are topics that are still under discussion, but 30 years ago, her statements were ostracized.

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About Sinead O’Connor An icon of Irish music who was way ahead of her time, the movie tells “nothing compares” Directed by Catherine Ferguson. The director follows the singer’s path to world fame and shows how controversial behavior led to her removal from the pop star pool. The basis of the story is an honest interview with O’Connor. While some say it was a fire that broke out very quickly, we see it still burning in the movie.

January 8 Sinead O’Connor She mentioned that her son Shin You are free. “My beautiful son, Nephim Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the light of my life, has decided to end his worldly struggle and is now with God,” she wrote. “My baby. I love you so much. I hope you are at peace,” she added.

As the boy wanted, only his parents took part in his Indian funeral. After a series of disturbing entries suggesting that the artist wanted to join her deceased son, O’Connor was taken to the hospital.

Later, a post appeared on her Twitter account in which she wrote that she would not return to the scene of the accident anymore. We read in the post “I tell you, suggestions that this, next year, or when I’m going to tour, are wrong. There will be nothing to sing about again.” Finally, the star has posted the hashtag “Drops Mike”, which is added to “dot” for example at public appearances, and then leaves the stage.

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