Sandra Cretu is 60 years old. See how it has changed!

Sandra came to the world Sandra Ann Lauer in Saarbrücken. At first, she trained in ballet (for 10 years), but soon got involved in singing.

In 1979 she became a part of the girl group arabesque (research!). It was the most successful disco group in Japan and the Soviet Union. After their breakup, Sandra started self-employment. produced by Michael Crito The song “Japan Ist Weit” (Listen!; German cover of Alphaville hit “Big In Japan” – Check!) It was completely lost – only 125 copies were sold.

Courageously out of defeat, the singer continued her collaboration with the aforementioned Cretu – a well-known producer and composer, and a respected figure in the German music scene. The couple met in Japan. Soon, they merged working together with being a couple.

In the 90s, she gave voice to her husband’s music project – mystery, including. In the song “Sadness”.

Sandra became a big star thanks to the single “(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena”. The piece topped lists in several European countries, and was also very popular in, among others, Brazil. This is Sandra’s greatest single success to date – the singer released new versions of the song on a single in 1993, 1999 and 2006.

The singer also updated one song from the first album “The Long Play” (1985) – “In the Heat of the Night” (Listen!), which was released in new versions in 1999, 2006 and 2007.

The album “Mirrors” (1986) brought more hits to the growing Euro disco, such as “Innocent Love”, “Hello! Hey! Hello!”, “Lauren” or “Midnight Man”. He promoted the cover of “Everlasting Love” (originally sung by Robert Knight, then performed by Sandra’s favorite group – Love Affair) for a quickly prepared group of songs “Ten on One”.

Sandra’s greatest success is documented in the compilation of “18 Greatest Hits” (1992). The following years (with the interruption of the birth and upbringing of twins Nikita and Sebastian) were attempts to regain their former popularity. Reheating of previous songs (dance remixes) or covers of recordings worked for a relatively short time. Sandra appeared on stage less and less and the album “Reflections” (2006) was not promoted.

At the end of the 2000s, Sandra and Michael Crete’s marriage exploded due to “personal and professional differences”. Soon the singer threw herself into the whirlpool of work, focusing heavily on shows, especially in Eastern Europe (she visited, among others, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Lithuania). She also gained a private life, in 2010, and got married Olaf MingisShe participated in the production of her album “Back to Life”. This marriage broke up after four years.

In 2012, Sandra released another album, “Stay In Touch”, produced by German DJ duo Plank & Jones. The singer’s discography ends with another collection called “The Very Best of Sandra” from 2016.

Sandra has a lot of sympathy among Polish listeners. No wonder it appears regularly in Poland. The last time she sang in our country in 2019 in Progresja Warsaw. You can also watch it, among other things in the program “The name of this melody?”.

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