Polsat SuperHit 2022: LemON celebrates 10 years on stage!

As the legend says, the team Lemon Created immediately after the phone call to report eligibility for the program “Must be the music”Which he got from the organizers of the Polish talent show Igor Herbot – A jazz vocal studies student who grew up in the Lemko family. Previously, a young musician with his cousin Adam Horozczak I performed at the casting at Wrocaw, where – with only classical guitar – the happiest competition committee.

Sam, interested in the background of the band’s formation, says as follows: “When we got the news that we were qualified to lead, we were very surprised and happy, but also overwhelmed by the task ahead. Then we thought about it. Expanding the lineup. I called the best violinist I know., Ukrainian Andrzej OlejnikThen to the drummer Pewter BodnikaWho can play the drums as if they were singing and guitarist at the end Piotr KołaczaI learned from another project. This is how LemON was created. In Warsaw, we all met for the first time. ”

In Warsaw, the band played a piece written by Igor “Litag bird”. This emotional song, sung in Lemko, pleased the jury and ensured his participation in the semi-finals.

Then everything happened very quickly. Another original piece “Deviate”, presented in the semi-finals, was liked not only by the competition jury, but also by the audience. LemON advanced to the finals and eventually won the entire third edition of “Must Be Music. Only Music”.

In the glory of victory, the group began to tour – in June 2012 they performed at the Sopot Top Trendy festival, and in August, with their interpretation of the song “All you need is love” of ammunition the Beatles Performed in Forest Opera at the 2012 Sopot Festival.

The musicians also immediately began work on their first album. first solo – “I will be with you” – Introduced in the fall of 2012. The song was recorded in two different arrangements: radio and television with the duo’s participation apricot – Finalists for the second edition of “Must Be Music”. Soon, their first album was released. The album the song was on “make peace”Platinum gone.

Another album – “Scarlett” – The group launched two years later. It also achieved the second place in discography, a platinum position. Over the following years, the musicians recorded two more albums – “Winter Etude” (2015) i “here” (2017).

LemON has now announced another fifth album. The album is promoted by one song “birds”. “Birds are flying everywhere. On the 10th anniversary of our victory in Must Be Music, the beginning of a great musical adventure, we are off to another album – our fifth. Thank you for your continued existence, there are more and more of us. It is beautiful”- They wrote on the occasion of the first show.

Now the group’s anniversary tour is on tour. The tour’s tenth concert was held in Zielona Góra. “The decade’s 10th concert tour at Zielona Góra isn’t over yet…soon ‘good news’ from us for people who don’t have enough jubilee parties for our group… Thanks for being here,” he announced.

LemON will also celebrate its 10th anniversary during this year’s Polsat SuperHit Festival!

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