How do you lead a team effectively? management models

Team management is one of the most important elements of the company’s work. Each competent boss and manager must have the ability to effectively manage subordinates, because thanks to this ability it is possible to constantly develop the company, as well as increase the competencies of its employees. How do you manage a team to achieve your goals?

Team leadership is a very responsible task. Its performance requires commitment, as well as a number of inclinations, such as the ability to adapt to changes or leadership skills. Effective team management requires a leader who leads his subordinates to success. Such a leader can take on not only the role of a demanding boss, but also the role of a person who can be relied upon in any situation.

Effective Team Management According to Daniel Goleman

Team management techniques They may differ from each other in many respects. The strategy adopted by a particular manager depends on his individual preferences and the needs of a particular company. for example, Sales Team Management It might look a little different than Project team managementand these differences are dictated by the characteristics of the tasks of individual groups.

Managing a team of employees It could be based on one of the methods suggested by psychologist Daniel Goleman. Among them:

  • Democratic style – the manager takes into account the opinions of his subordinates. Everyone can give their opinion, and all decisions are taken after joint consultations,
  • Affiliate style – its basis is mutual understanding and the building of harmony, on the basis of very good communication. The manager supports the employees, promotes their proactive activity, and provides them with both positive and negative feedback on an ongoing basis. This pattern will work in many cases, for example when it comes to managing a project team. However, the objectives set should be clear and clear from the start,
  • Vision style – the boss precisely defines the goals the team must achieve and encourages and mobilizes employees on their way to achieving them. Thus, he becomes a leader who shows direction, but does not offer ready-made solutions and leaves his subordinates ample room for action. This ability to manage a team is highly desirable because the visual style is considered one of the most effectiveAnd
  • Coaching Style – The role of the leader is to support all team members. To this end, the manager assigns them tasks, motivates them to take on new challenges, and allows them to meet their needs according to their competencies,
  • Mandatory style – the management of a team of employees is based on monitoring and communicating orders, the implementation of which must correspond to the vision of the boss. In this style there is no place for creativity or dialogue, everything must comply with the requirements imposed by the manager,
  • Process style – in this case, managing a team of people is associated with defining strict ways of performing tasks. The leader assumes the role of a teacher who shows what needs to be done to achieve the set goal. At the same time, he asks subordinates to follow suit. This approach is ideal for managing a sales team because it focuses on achieving high results.

How do you lead a team? There is no clear answer to this question. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. On the part of the manager to choose the right method, this decision depends on many factors. One thing is for sure – In order to know how to effectively manage a team, it is necessary to accurately identify the needs of the company and its employees.

Managing a dispersed team

A very interesting situation is the management of a scattered team, the members of which are not located in one office, and sometimes they do not see each other at all. Such a solution is found, for example, in the sales or IT industries. What does managing your sales or IT team look like then?

In such a situation, of course, one of the above-mentioned team management techniques can be used. You should also pay attention to several factors, including:

  • Accurately define team goals.
  • Seeking to organize periodic meetings in one company,
  • the use of new communication technologies (teleconferencing, video conferencing, the use of instant messaging),
  • Define communication rules,
  • Motivate employees regularly (eg through motivation methods).

How do you manage a team well? Real Leader Features

A competent manager knows how to lead a team and speak to employees. In order to perform his role well, he must have specific inclinations and skills. To do this, he must learn:

  • very well organized work,
  • Defining specific requirements and setting goals,
  • effective planning,
  • solve emerging problems and conflicts,
  • Distribution of tasks according to the competencies of certain employees,
  • motivate subordinates,
  • carrying out tasks,
  • direct connection,
  • Shows sympathy.

For effective team management, authority is also necessary, which the manager must develop through his actions.

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