Florence + Dancing Fever Machine: Dance in your head

It’s too bad that almost every music review at the end of last year and this year has to contain the word “pandemic” and that every composer like this has to deal with the fate of musicians, surviving as if it were from a classic movie. “Mondo Cane” Taken or even from the song Zink. I do not know what is worse for this fate.

On the other hand, the musicians initially decided to include Covid as an important topic in their textual deliberations and to emphasize that, as in the case of root canal treatment or capping thinning, the virus made its last recording.

Wake up / to wake up. The pandemic hasn’t happened to just one musician or their group, but — with the exception of perhaps the biggest musicians, who are a million in one or the other pimple anyway — practically everyone the musician comes into contact with. So are, and perhaps even more so, those who work in the industry behind the scenes for the success of musicians on stage. So the constant writing of reviews and press material that journalists send to the posters is evidence of the normal mental laziness of writing such short forms.

By the way “Dancing Fever” So we found out that – zieeeew – Welch first had all her notebook of ideas written with the Pre-Raphaelites, the dance of St. Vitus, and horrors as popular as those with goats and others with summer vacation, but then – zieeew – badly closed their splendid concert halls sickly and sent home where – yes – she had to be as poor at home as everyone else in the Valley Tears that’s where – yes – massively and from scratch they rethought completely new numbers that sounded like Emilio Harris if Lucinda WilliamsAnd then, when she finally regained access to the studio – zieeeeew – they underwent another transformation – this time to “dancing pearls with magical energy” or other whims.

You see, the fate of the journalist is bleak. Not only do you have to read such sad nonsense, but also how to jump into a minefield, which wouldn’t fall into bleak gibberish yourself (yes, I know, many of you were just born into a clever comment to put under this text – go ahead). As much as I spoiled my mood reading the press kit, listening to the album was just the opposite.

Because it’s obviously an album Florence With all the Florentine characteristics, well known to the public, but perhaps for the first time the Florence album, which I do not want to cut into pieces, put three tracks on the phone, and never go back to the rest, when I do not return to the average black candy, films less than 6.5 / 10 and the Catholic Church.

Regardless of the numbers that will captivate the festival crowd this summer, there are at least a few of them here, with an epic of the limits of tolerance “king” In the preface, Welch put here a good number of short interruptions, which usually torment the listener with their rumor on albums, with their grim necessity of being among the numbers he loves, here as a butter sandwich—as coupling, flavor carrier, humidifier—they go from sausage to Sausage and they often provide a dose of air, which is a convenient counterpoint. It’s also more like the band’s American recording, because “the bomb” if “Morning Elvis” It is a privilege to depart from the British musical tradition towards the widely understood Americana.

The title itself can also be confusing. Because, unless we connect it to the aforementioned dance mania (which is supposed to be ergot) and overlook lines like the one about “a lifeline tight around her neck, which is (a rope, not her neck) to drag her to heaven” in “Heaven is here”And We might think that there was a prominent disco recording in front of us. Yes, we can dance at the same time, but some modern ergot is recommended, which will provide us with a bumpy ride (not to say “journey”) and yet such a fun and agonizing one, which may not tip the scales to be a country experience.

Very successful registration. I would say “inbreeding”, but can this woman do anything at all in inbreeding? After all, she was born to rock the pitches.

Florence + global “dance fever” machine


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