“Does the priest say Mass, Communion, Confession?” Interview with Ignacy Gogolewski

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On May 15, the prominent Polish actor Ignacy Gogolewski died. Among others were: an impersonator of the role of Antik Purina in the series “Chope” directed by Jan Rybkovsky, the artist visited Kołaczkowo twice in 2012 and 2017. Therefore, we recall the conversation with the artist, which was published on December 12, 2012 in the pages of “Wiadomości Wrzesińskie”.

Ignasi Gogolevsky, A prominent theater and film actor, talking about his roles and choices in life.

On December 9, 2012, Ignacy Gogolewski met the residents of Kołaczków. At Raymont Palace, he mainly talked about the scenes in the film and series “Chuppie”, where he played the formidable role of Antik Purina, as well as about his professional and private life. He also read excerpts from Sowacki “Kordian” and Ildefons Gałczyński’s poems. The 81-year-old actor came at the invitation of GOK Director Edmund Kubis, as part of a celebration of the 87th anniversary of Władysław Reymont’s death.

WW: Have you ever wondered why Antik’s role of “Chłopów” made you famous, and not the role of the former Baron Kian in “Countess Kosel”?

– Antek was the lead role, which somehow completed the role of Jagna Emilia Krakowska. Added to this are all these relationships and tensions with Father Maciej Purina and the women: Jagna, Hanka and myself in the middle of it all. In contrast, Baron Kian plays a supporting role.

But after all, it was the character of the Baron who was the focus of the “Countess Cosel” that united all the threads of the film.

– I agree, it can be seen in one of the last scenes, when the Baron, in his last conversation with Countess Kozel (Jadwiga Barańska – editor’s note), years later, still clearly fascinated, did nothing, the Countess did not leave with him the stolen castle.

Aren’t you bothered by the fact that you are none other than Antek from Chłopów to a wider audience?

On the contrary, it makes me very happy. But there are also situations, such as today in Kołaczków, where there have recently been people who have seen me in the role of Ciaputkiewicz in “Fat Fish”, at the Bologna Theater in Krystyna Janda, or in the role of Cardinal Mazarin in “The Devil” in Violet ”, in the presentations of the scenes I guess I won’t play like this anymore, because I don’t have enough strength anymore. It’s exhausting, I play it now and then, and it lasts for more than an hour and forty minutes. Only I connect with this Louis XIV teacher as we both suffer from sciatica. So I already have my sciatica fully developed…

In the movie, you are often portrayed as lost lovers, sort of Kyan or even Lieutenant Robert from “More than Life”.

– That’s how the directors saw it. But I liked these roles, I tried to deepen and complicate them. And when you play such characters, you say in the language of acting that “there is something to play”. this is important. In the theater, she also played a complex young man, for example Morlicz in Tadeusz Rittner’s play “Wolves at night”, along with Danuta Szaflarska, a charming sheriff of our theater. However, Cardinal Mazarin also says that he is the most terrible scoundrel of the century – but in this bastard I find a number of positive qualities, and above all he passed on knowledge to the young Louis XIV. And he taught him well, because his rule lasted 70 years.

Maciej Sthur played the main role in “Pokłosie”, then when a wave of criticism erupted over the film, called the so-called right, he decided to defend the film in the media and the director worked for it. Is this what an actor should do?

– not nessacary. Every morning I visit a very nice booth and buy weekly newspapers and magazines from her, and it was she who noticed. She once asked me, “Why did Macyj need to engage in discussions with journalists?” I will not enter into this dispute, I will only wait for the evaluation of the role that you have played. Anyway, in my life I made some decisions that were later commented on in different ways.

A year ago, Emilia Krakowska left Kołaczków angry because a journalist asked her about martial law, which she supported. I did the same: you did not interrupt theatre, radio and television, you were in PRON …

– Do you refuse the Eucharist and the celebration of Mass and confession? It is my duty to act as an actor under all circumstances. The fact that some actors wanted to show their political views is their job, their problem. where are they now? Let them explain today, if they have labored for the day, let them comment! Where is the Polish theater now? Why would they throw themselves at the tape and say, “Don’t stand, don’t wait,” “You’re in your house.” I admit that I have some reservations about this “house”, which I will be able to express publicly soon, on Telewizja Polska, perhaps on TVP Kultura.

The text was published on December 12, 2012 in “Wiadomości Wrzesińskie”

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