Bob Saget: Kelly Rizzo remembers her deceased husband on his birthday

Kelly Rizzo decided to tragically honor the memory of the deceased in January Bob Saget. The wife of a popular actor and comedian posted on Instagram joint photos and videos of last year’s trip to Mexico, where they celebrated their birthday – Saget celebrated it on May 17, and Rizzo on May 19. There was also a touching entry.

The comedian’s widow wrote: “This last trip was so special. We celebrated each other in a big way. You never know when something will be ‘last time’. But I’m thankful we gave him the love he deserves.” .

“I pray that he sees all the love I receive from all over the world today. Baby, everyone loves you so much. Everyone wants you to know how important and special you are on this special day. We all celebrate you. You are the one in you. You are kind and surely you made my world revolve around you. I love you.” More than anything, and I miss you every minute, girls, and I’m staying tight tonight knowing you wish I had a martini tonight, so I will. Happy birthday my love,” we read.

It is reported that the American actor and comedian Bob Saget, known mainly from the series “Full House”, on January 9 was found dead in a hotel in Florida. In March, 50 photos were made available of the room in which the 65-year-old stayed in the last hours of his life.

Photos that are part of the complete death report Bob SagetAccessed by “People,” it shows the Ritz-Carlton hotel room in Orlando, Florida, where the body of a 65-year-old actor was found on January 9.

The photos show the room in a pristine condition – almost everything is returned to its place. bed Sagitta was elegantly made, and on the bedside table was his cell phone, an iPad, glasses, headphones, lipstick, and two bottles of water.

Investigators also photographed a privacy sign lying on the room’s floor, Saget’s toiletries on the table, a litter box with masks, a parking vehicle ID for his car, and car keys.

In addition, the report included a clip edited from a police cam, the last photo of Saget believed to be alive, taken by a fan outside a hotel at 2:13 am on January 9. The full report did not include a picture of the comedian’s body.

According to Saget family attorney, Brian Pepper, the leaked material shows the “full story” of the star’s death. “Bob left after he fell and hit his head in a hotel room,” Bieber admitted. He added that the actor’s family would be grateful to “respect the mourning’s privacy.”

In early March, a Florida judge granted a request by the family of Bob Saget, who died in January, to prevent the disclosure of documents related to the investigation into the actor’s death.

According to CNN, Judge Vincent Chiu agreed to the comedian’s family’s request for a permanent ban on disclosing information about his death. The decision was made one month after the family filed a lawsuit in the case, which alleged a possible breach of privacy.

Bob Saget He was found dead in a Florida hotel on January 9. In February, the artist’s family reported that the cause of death was a cerebral hemorrhage resulting from a head injury. “He accidentally hit the back of his head with something. He may not have been aware of the extent of the injury. He went to sleep and never woke up,” the statement read.

“The entire family is grateful that the judge granted their request to protect Bob’s dignity as well as their right to privacy, especially after their tragic and unexpected loss. We are pleased that the case is closed and that the recovery process can continue.” “We are grateful for the prayers and good wishes that continue to pour out on the family,” the family’s attorney said in an interview with CNN.

Widow Kelly Rizzo and the actor’s three daughters from his marriage to Sherry Kramer sued the sheriff’s office and the local coroner. The women demanded that some of the investigation files be excluded from public disclosure, citing their “pictorial nature.” It mainly concerns photos, audio recordings and autopsy data. Relatives of the late actor said that revealing such material to the public could cause them “psychological pain, distress and emotional anxiety”.

Bob Saget gained popularity due to his role as Danny Tanner in the popular TV comedy series “Full House”, which aired from 1987 to 1995.

In addition to the role of Danny, fans of the series can associate with the narrator “How I Met Your Mother”. After filming “Pełnej chata”, Saget starred in several films (including “Ojcowie i sons”, “Kariera po corpach” or “Stupid and Stupid 2”) and several series (“Lost in time” or “Jak’s fineness”). Dad” or “crew”).

The actor also voiced the films “Madagascar” and “The Masquerade Penguin”. He tried his hand as a director, producer and screenwriter (including “Farsy pengwinów”). In addition to acting, he has also hosted entertainment programs (“America’s Funny Videos”, “1 for 100”). He often acted as a comedian.

Comedy Central confirmed on their Twitter account, “Bob Saget was a comedian we loved and pushed the boundaries. We will miss him.”

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