Bartek Wąsik with his original group of concerts Pianokółg

partic is imminent Pianist, composer and arranger, winner of many national and international competitions and a Phonograph Prize Frederick And POLITIKA passport 2014. He is a co-founder and member Lutosławski piano duo and quad Quadrophonic. He has performed in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He also collaborated with, among others Ralph Kaminsky.

This year, the third part of his series, will be a natural continuation of the previous editions. Seeing a well-thought-out and coherent program is always a priority at Bartek Wąsik. And the four concert clip will be the American composer’s huge “Etudes” series Philip Glasswho is celebrating his eighty-fifth birthday this year. This configuration has not yet been fully implemented in Poland. partic is imminent He will present the work of Glass in its entirety, which has already had the opportunity to express in the most important places of culture on the world map, and now Warsaw has the opportunity to join this group.

The Studies were written in the years 1991-2012. Thanks to this time period, they witnessed the development of the musical language of Glass. It consists of two books, each containing ten compositions of a rich and unique character, in which the pianist has the opportunity to demonstrate not only his artistic abilities, but above all musical maturity and sensitivity, so necessary for the interpretation of the works of the American. composer.

This year’s pianocross “Etudes” will open and close, and they will be an introduction and a conclusion, creating space for two additional events, the protagonists of which will be Johan Johanssoni ., the prematurely deceased Icelandic composer valentin sylvestropheWhich piano miniatures are like “Wandering in a Sunlit Forest”. In the first case, Bartik and Schek prepared a musical, in honor of this exceptional artist. We’ll hear tracks from different periods in the work of Johansson, a composer the music world still misses. The savings of money combined with the sheer force of the message inherent in this music will harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of the session, inspired by Olga Tokarczuk’s Nobel speech, where the performer is not only a musician, but also a “sensitive narrator”.

The concert with the music of Valentin Silvestrov will show the features of the Ukrainian composer, among others. With his song “Bagatellas” or composed by “Der Bote” (“The Messenger”). The nature of these miniatures fits perfectly into the space in which they resonate. Clouds will enhance the perception of this music. This year, part of the Rotunda Hall inside the Palace will be open to the willing public and, as before, the public will be able to sit and listen to music around the piano, among the surrounding artworks presented during the Piano Circle exhibition “Circus”.

Last year’s editions of Bartek Wąsik’s summer solo concerts, thanks to their unique formula, collected a record number of recipients. Affectionate, committed, based on the word “circle”, his original project is a transformation resulting from the pianist’s sensitivity to ordinary listening and close ritual. This kind of work, engaging the audience in an energetic and musically ambitious way, though simple in its dimensions, is a constructive vision of building a democratic society and renewing the public sphere, in the name of valuing the moderation, calm, and balance we all so long enjoy.

May 29, 2022 – Pianocircle I: // PHILIP GLASS // ETUDES IX (BOOK I)
06.06.2022 – Pianocircle II: // JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON // ORPHÉE
July 10, 2022 – Pianocircle III: // VALENTIN SILVESTROV // THE MESSENGER
07/08/2022 – Pianocircle IV: // PHILIP GLASS // ETUDES XI-XX (BOOK II)

All events are free.

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