“We are friends, both in music and outside of it” – interview with sskjegg

Photo by Ola Fry

Sskjegg is a Polish music duo that recently released an album Loneliness. We talked about the band and Opole.

First of all – congrats on your first gala qualifying round win at KFPP 59 in Opole. Nice!
Cornelius Feliciak: Thanks a lot. The whole situation is a big surprise to us and a surprise as well. We couldn’t dream of accomplishing a more special culmination of our two-year work on the album, Lonelinessfrom which the reported piece of the Opole qualifying round comes from, i.e. I will greet.
We met a moment ago, and I can’t help but feel that the relationship between the two of you is very close and that there is so much energy in it. I guess I’m right, can you tell me more about your bond?

Sabina Broda: Yes sure. We are friends, in and out of music. We can’t imagine it could be otherwise – joint pieces wouldn’t look so reliable and honest then…

KF: Yes, that’s right, our bond is very strong – between us and the person with music, which means that sometimes we creatively pull the rope between us … (laughs)

SB: …but we always find a golden mean. In the end, we have a common goal – to give people good votes. This is the most important.

And what was the first – you met on a completely private basis and then decided to join musically, or maybe from the very beginning of your acquaintance, the assumption was that you create together

KF: We met for the first time for purely professional reasons, Sabina She was supposed to record some singles in my studio. A little later, I started dipping my fingers into her compositions until I completely changed them. (laughs) The next stage, natural for us, was the implementation of my presence at concerts and the “revival” of electronic materials Sabina Since I played solo. In the end, thanks to all this, I became a co-creator of the project sskjegg.

SB: That’s what it was.

althoug sskjegg It’s been a project for several years now let’s say the listener gets to know you widely. How would you describe the music you play and what is its greatest strength?

KFOur strength lies in honest and thoughtful texts written by him Sabina – Of course.

SB: Musically we mix synthpop and dreampop, but we try to do it in a way that honors song as our favorite form of music.

KF: The philosophy is that our pieces sound just as good in all the conditions they’re likely to wait – even without electronic “cools”, with an acoustic guitar by the fire.

As I mentioned, sskjegg It’s a project that’s been going on for several years, although you’ve been creating it together since 2020. At that time, I suppose, something happened, but it’s possible that the album that was recently released is the icing on the cake. Loneliness. It’s been a little over a month since the premiere, so maybe you can say a little from a “parenting” perspective, does the album’s reception satisfy you?

KF: Life has already taught us that you work for years to succeed, so we did not expect miracles. However, the publishing house has been warmly received by both the public and the cultural industry, which currently motivates us to continue our hard work. We were also compensated for all the difficulties we encountered on the way to our phonographic debut. Critics and journalists accepted everyone with curiosity and appreciation Loneliness – Even those moments in which we were not 100% convinced until the end.

SB: Everything that has happened and is happening around the album makes us feel like we can efficiently find ourselves in a creative and somewhat crazy and confusing process.

KF: In conclusion – we are very proud of our happy parents!

In today’s conversation, we’re assuming that the potential reader hasn’t heard of you yet, and of course we want to change that. How do you encourage me to listen? Loneliness? Please tell me more about this version.

SB: Dear reader, if you like synthpop and electronic sounds, and you want the artist to sing about things of value and real, find a free half hour and spend it listening Loneliness. We guarantee it’s worth it.

Let’s stay on this topic for a moment. I spent Loneliness Personal effort and the question arises – why? What, in retrospect, do you see the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution? I think there is more than one innovator standing in front of it, and your point may be helpful.

SB: We released the album on our own because we knew very well that there was nothing to wait, miracles did not happen, and interest in serious labels could only be aroused by hard arguments in the form of pre-documented artwork.

KF: The advantage of this solution is, of course, the fun in planning and controlling each stage of the release. The disadvantage, in turn, is the difficulty of obtaining wide coverage and financing the project out of pocket. We’ve resolved budget issues thanks to the support of local cultural centres, for which we are very grateful – best regards Cieszyn! The undoubted facilitation in our case was the fact that we had our own studio to work, which provided unlimited access and work, but also removed the pressure of time.

From the perspective of experience, learning and time – would you do the same?

KF: Everything we did made sense and got us where we are now, so yes – we did everything the same way again.

Thank you very much for your time. In the end – what are your plans for the near future? What should I keep my fingers crossed for?

KF : Thank you also! We’d like to go ahead and put some new singles online in the near future. We will of course see what the future brings, but we warmly invite you to follow our social media.

SB: And to keep your fingers crossed for Opole, that’s our number one target right now.

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