Volodymyr Zelensky surprised the participants at the Cannes Film Festival

“I am convinced that the dictator will lose,” Zelensky said, referring not only to Vladimir Putin, but also to Charlie Chaplin’s famous film “The Dictator,” which mocked Adolf Hitler. “We will win this war. Glory to Ukraine,” Zelensky emphasized, stressing that cinema should not turn its back on what is happening in Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine said: “The world needs a new Chaplin, who will prove that cinema will not remain silent. We need a cinema that shows us that freedom is always victorious.”

We would like to remind you that prior to this year’s Oscars, the host of the ceremony, Amy Schumer, had an idea to establish a satellite connection with President Volodymyr Zelensky during the ceremony.

“I told the production team that it would be great to have a satellite connection with the boss Zelensky Or at least broadcast a recording with him. I think it’s worth doing, because a lot of people will be watching the concert. “I’m not afraid of such a move, but I’m not an Academy Awards producer, so the decision is not mine,” Schumer said. In the end, we did not hear the President of Ukraine during the Oscars.

In Cannes, Zelensky reached out to cinema people assembled at the Palais des Festivals before the screening of “Final Cut” by director Michel Hazanavicius, who opened the event.

Originally the title of the film was “Z”, but the French director, under pressure from the audience, changed it before the start of the festival.

The director of the Ukrainian Institute, Volodymyr Sheikh, also called for a change of title, arguing that the letter Z had become a symbol of support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Changing the title of the opening film of the Cannes Film Festival would be a gesture against the barbaric violence and terror of the Russian army,” Sheikh wrote.

“I am changing the title of my new film because of the symbolic burden of the letter Z, and also after the appeal of Ukrainian filmmakers. Perhaps this title was funny a few months ago when I was finishing filming a movie. Today is not like that and I can’t stand it.” My film is supposed to bring joy. I do not want it to be associated with the war in any way. So I’m glad I can change his address. With this modest gesture I show my full support to the Ukrainian people ”- wrote Hazanavicius in the published statement.

The public sponsor of the Cannes event, Thierry Frémaux, emphasized that the event was “inseparable from the rest of the world”. He declared in March in an interview with Variety: “The war is taking place only three hours from Paris, so we will celebrate cinema and filmmakers in Cannes. There will also be two Ukrainian films that will remind us of the war.” We are talking about “The Natural History of Destruction” by Sergey Luzhnika and “Butterfly Vision” by Maxim Nakonchny.

Besides the competition, this year’s festival program will also present the film “Mariopolis 2” by Mantas Kvidaravicius – a Lithuanian filmmaker who was murdered in April in Mariupol.

The 45-year-old director, anthropologist and archaeologist Mantas Kvidaravicius, who directed, among others: “Isthmus” (2011), “Mariopolis” (2016) and “Parthenon” (2019) died while trying to leave Mariupol, where he filmed another His movie “Mariopolis 2”.

“Mariopolis 2” showcases life under the bombs and shows images that are as tragic as they are hopeful. It will be broadcast on May 19-20 ”- stated in the press release of the festival.

Kvedaravicius returned to Ukraine in 2022, in the midst of war, to find the people he met and photographed in 2014-2015. After his death, his producers and partners did their best to finish his work and see him – we read in the festival information.

The director’s fiancée, Hana Belobrova, who accompanied him to Ukraine, was able to take and recreate the photos taken there and edit them with Dunya Sychov in Lithuania.

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