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Directed by Academy Award winner Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, the HBO documentary “Tina” is produced by a company founded by Academy Award winning producer Simon Chin and Emmy Award winner Jonathan Chen and Emmy Award-nominated producer Diane Baker. The creators offer viewers an intimate portrait of music icon Tina Turner. In the picture they talk about her success at a young age, about the personal and professional problems with which the artist struggled most of her life, and her big comeback in the 80s, which earned her the status of a world star.

The documentary presents an unbeatable authentic version of the events we learn through candid interviews with Tina and those around her. All of them were registered in Zurich, where the artist has lived for many years. The documentary also features previously unreleased footage as well as private recordings and photos illustrating the complex and unclear story of the queen of rock and roll.

Tina Turner has been a victim of physical and mental abuse for years

In the fall of 1981, Tina Turner, whose career had faded somewhat, gave an interview to Carl Arrington, head of the music department of People magazine. Five years earlier, she had divorced Ike Turner, her co-star and musician, with whom she had spent more than 16 years. Together, they recorded songs that hit the charts. Several of them, including “A Fool in Love,” “River Deep – Mountain High,” and “Proud Mary” have gone down in music history. Offstage, they made the impression of a couple who lived in a successful relationship and led a happy family life.

Tina Karl told a brutally honest and shocking story. Over the years, she was a victim of psychological and physical abuse in her marriage, but despite many traumas, she found the courage to walk away from it. The article was one of the first that cemented Tina’s image as an unbreakable woman and paved the way for her amazing and amazing comeback on the music scene.

Times “Private Dancer”

During the divorce case, Tina lost everything except her family name. For several years she appeared in clubs in Las Vegas and on television entertainment. In 1983, at the age of 44, she recorded in just two weeks the album “Private Dancer”, which immediately became a huge commercial success and was praised by critics. The single from the album, “What Love Got To Do With It” became her first single and so far number one on Billboard magazine’s Top 100 chart.

This is how Tina 2.0 was born. The album “Private Dancer” has sold over 12 million copies worldwide and cemented his status as a huge star. Tina sang with Mick Jagger at the LiveAid concert, won more Grammy Awards, and wrote the best-selling autobiography, “Me Tina. The Story of My Life.” In 1988, she gave a concert in Brazil, which attracted a record 18,000 viewers, and in 1993, a feature film was made about her life, in which Angela Bassett played the role of Tina.

culture symbol

Fame has made Tina Turner a symbol of strength in mass culture and is seen by her fans as a symbol of resilience even in the face of adversity. In her private life, the artist really wanted to free herself from her past, which later shaped her career, and to distance herself from the etiquette of dealing with women after the ordeal.

In the documentary, we’ll see plenty of archival footage from the past 60 years as well as interviews with Angela Bassett, Oprah Winfrey, and journalist Kurt Luderin, co-author of Tina’s biography, J. The Story of My Life ”, on the basis of which the biographical film was made, playwright Katori Hall, author of the script for the musical Tina – Tina Turner Musical, Tina’s husband and former head of the record company Erwin Bach.

The emotional ending to the documentary “Tina” was the scene in which Tina Turner bends down on an audience stage during the premiere of the Broadway musical about her life – the perfect career point for a highly talented singer who had the courage to speak honestly about her domestic violence and prevention of her age, gender or difficult past had become. obstacle in the way. The film Tina is basically a testament to Tina Turner’s extraordinary talent, the path she had to travel to enter the global music superstar pool and achieve the status of a fan-favorite star that was never broken.

Documentary about Tina Turner

The HBO documentary “Tina” was produced in association with Lightbox. The documentary is directed by Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin. Simone Chen, Jonathan Chen and Diane Baker serve as producers, while the executive producers are Erwin Bach, Tally Bellman, Will Clark, Andy Mason, Mike Ronagal, David Gilbury and Charles Dorfman. Nancy Abrams and Lisa Heller serve as executive producers for HBO.

The documentary “Tina” is available on HBO starting today, May 17th on HBO Max.

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