“The meetings of the Warsaw Theater show what is most interesting in the Polish theater” – Dwójka

Master of the stage, Jerzy Trella

On Sunday, May 15th this year. Jerzy Trela ​​passed away – undoubtedly one of the greatest Polish actors. After graduating from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Krakow, he linked his artistic life with Krakow from the very beginning. In the seventies he played in the band Stary Teatr. Here also he created the most important and enduring roles in the history of Polish theater – Gustaw-Konrad in Mickiewicz’s Dziady, directed by Konrad Swinarski.

– When I was sixteen years old, I went to Stary Theater to Dziadi. I was even a fan of Jersey Trilla, just like a teen fan of an idol – remember that Dorota kneels. – Dziadi has charmed me so much that I am not sure if I would have become an actress without them. It was a series of feelings that caused catharsis, tears and then a kind of lightness in dealing with the great art. It was a great performance, but it was Trilla who carried it on his wings – said the advisor to the Academy of Theater Arts. Stanisław Wyspiański in Krakow.

“I love theater in itself”

Jerzy Trela ​​was a lecturer at the State Higher School of Theater in Krakow, and in the years 1984-1990 was the rector of the university. As Dorota Sigda said, it was the president of the university who loved the students. – No matter how foolish they were, he always stood up for them. Meeting him was a school of humility and empathy. I will never forget Yurik, who walks down the aisle, but cannot pass him, because he had to stop at every one of them. Jurek didn’t have the kind of self-centeredness that stars sometimes shine with. Jurek loved his profession and, following Stanisławski, loved the theater in himself, not himself in the theatre.

10:58 Monday morning 16.05 Trela ​​Dorota Segda. mp3 Dorota Sigda: Jersey Trilla made of ore from outer space (Dwójka)

Corner of morals

He added, “The students loved him, he was a reference in everything, not only because of the quality of the acting, but also because of the quality of the man that Trila was.” Joseph Opalsky. – He was a super man in every way. You can always go to him for help and he’s never turned it down, so not only have we lost a great actor, because that’s pretty obvious, but we’ve all lost some moral and quality spurs and that’s horrible.

As emphasized by the interlocutor, Jerzy Trilla fought decisively for the prestige of theater culture – not only in our country. – The departure of Jerzy Trilla is a blow to the culture of the theater and the culture of the country – said the theater scientist and director.

Przemyslav Stepa He recalled his last meeting with Jerzy Trela ​​while working on the play “Mother Leaves” based on a script by Różewicz. – Jerzy Trilla was a friend of Różewicz, and thanks to him I saw the most suitable actor, the most suitable voice, the most suitable area of ​​sensitivity – he said. – I did not expect the theater to be so close to reality – the actor admitted.

unmistakable face

– After this news that caught me suddenly, I feel as if I lost my spiritual and artistic father – I confessed in an interview Jacek Wakar. – I’ve watched it since my teens, when we went to the Stary Theater in Krakow, with which Trilla has always been associated. When I think of this theater, I think of the time Jerzy Trilla gave great roles in shows that I haven’t seen live, but also in those where I’ve seen him on stage.

– That first, unmistakable face, which time has left its mark, is precisely Jersey Trilla – said the theater critic. Then comes his low, deep and warm voice that you can sink in. Then come the memories of the greatest wonderful roles he made.

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The actress also bid farewell to the giant of the Polish theater on Radio 2 Christina Ganda. Our work together and being on stage has been a great adventure in my life. She was observing a great, humble, extraordinary, and affectionate man. You remember a great artist. – The most important thing about Jurek is that he did not realize his greatness.

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Prospero of the Polish theatre

also added Olgierd ŁukaszewiczJerzy Trilla “received from God such a body that it is immediately an instrument.” -Wherever you put them – whether on a set of double bass, because he has such a beautiful voice, or you give him a lead solo – the director can make sure every time that this is going to be a strong point in the cast. There is a saying of Jerzy Bińczycki, a friend of Jurek, that the Aztecs made ordinary vessels of gold. And such an example is Jurek – said the actor.

11:24 Monday morning 16.05 Trela ​​Olgierd Łukaszewicz.mp3 Olgierd Łukaszewicz: Jerzy Trela ​​had a gift to win people over (Dwójka)

Jacek Wakar He referred to one of Jerzy Trela’s best roles in the play “The Sea and the Mirror” by Jerzy Grzygorzewski. – There was Jerzy Trilla Prosper who says goodbye to his life, who has broken the magic wand and wants to calmly return to his principality. Today I think of Trila as Prospero for the Polish theatre. The theater critic said that Prospero leaves us today and leaves us with a great memory of his presence in our lives and his presence in the Polish theatre.

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Program title: Monday morning

Drove: Bowie Siwick

Guests: Dorota Sajda (theatrical and film actress, Dean of the Stanisław Wyspiański Academy of Dramatic Art in Kraków), Jacek Wakar (theatrical critic), Przemysław Stippa (actor), Josef Opalski (theater scientist, musicologist, literary scholar, columnist, director), Kristina Janda (actress, director), Olgerd Okaszevic (actor) (actress)

Date of issue: May 16 2022

broadcast time: 9.10


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