Polsat SuperHit 2022: When? Who will perform?

When is the Polsat SuperHit 2022 Festival? The date of the festival that attracts every year Crowds of fans from all over the country, there is no secret! The grand event will last for three days, and the greatest stars of Polish music and cabaret will appear on the stage. Polsat SuperHit 2022 will run from May 20-22.

Polsat SuperHit Festival is all about concertsIt will take place on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May. While Sunday May 22 A sea of ​​laughter awaits the fans, which will be guaranteed.”Sopot nightclub hit“.

Polsat SuperHit Festival 2022 Two evenings of music, three artistic memories and over eight hours of extraordinary playing. Every year during the event, the biggest stars celebrate their accomplishments and it will be no different this year. Who will perform at the Polsat SuperHit Festival 2022? Friday 20 May 30th Anniversary of “KING” We will celebrate T.LOVE . Team.

During the first day of Polsat SuperHit Festiwal will also appear lemon teamHe has been playing in Poland for 10 years. Aside from T.LOVE and LemON, there will be singers whose albums and songs have been covered in platinum and diamonds. As part of the “Platinum Party”, they will put us in a perfect musical mood:

  • Paweł Domagała
  • cleo
  • Cortez
  • Peter Kogovsky
  • komodo
  • apple blossom
  • Kaika Suchaka

The second day of Polsat SuperHit 2022 It is a musical surprise that will be presented will add! The singer will perform the concert “Duda or Dorota? Rabitzoska You don’t know!”. This is a one-of-a-kind show, which will feature famous Polish artists, among others Justina Steczkowska. He will add to the stage Polsat SuperHit Festival She will celebrate the 20th anniversary of her exceptional music career.

Who will be playing the Polsat SuperHit next to Doda? A great start awaits on Sopot مسرح Ralph Kaminsky. The alternative music master will present songs from his three albums. Who will perform on the second day of the Polsat SuperHit Festival? The audience will also watch the concert “Best Radio Song of the Year”i.e. the most listened and played artists on radio stations. they will be on it:

  • David Kwiatkowski
  • Gromy
  • Beata Kozydrac and Bagem
  • Grzegorz Hyży
  • Siluya Grzeszczak
  • Daraya
  • three of us
  • Mishaw Szczyczic
  • Prisca

The third day of the traditional Polsat SuperHit Festival Sopot Cabaret Hit. This year the audience will be entertained moral concern cabaretTiring Skeczów cabaret, Ani Mru-Mru . cabaretParanienormalni . cabaret noaki cabaretCabaret 4 Fala, Cabaret K2, Krizak Jersey and Robert Korolczyk.

Polsat SuperHit Festival tickets are still on sale. However, you should hurry because it disperses faster than fresh rolls. There are only a few days left until the great celebration of music and cabaret, but still Polsat SuperHit Festival tickets can be purchased online.

Where to buy Polsat SuperHit Festival 2022 tickets? to Watch live the biggest stars of Polish music and the cabaret scene At the Forest Opera in Sopot, tickets can be purchased on the website interticket.pl And Ticketsna.pl . website ora on the page Baltic Technical Agency. Ticket values ​​vary depending on the seat chosen.

The Polsat SuperHit Festival can be watched on TVAnd in the public. Those who fail to sit in the audience of Sopot’s Forest Opera will witness the festival from May 20 to 22 In Polsat at 20:00.

Where to watch the Polsat SuperHit Festival online? The three-day festival can be watched online on the platform polsatboxgo.pl.

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