New York style, that is, elegant floor tiles in the living room in the leading role!

Why has New York style been an inspiration to so many interior designers for years? Because it is a timeless base from which you can create a truly exceptional interior. Of course, the size of the apartment or house is of secondary importance here. The main role is played by correctly selected accessories and colors. So what’s so special about New York style? We will tell you about it below.

New York style and colors
What colors rule the New York style? First of all, it will, of course, be shades of white and beige. This base is perfectly combined with almost any other color. However, the following colors are typical of New York colors:
– Shades of gray – it’s also a graceful background for stronger colors;
Brown and natural colors, the so-called earth colors
– powder shades, especially pink and yellow;
– The bottle is green and emerald.
– Dark navy.
– Bishops are violet, sapphire.

As in the case of arranging many other patterns, here it is also important that the least intense colors, that is, white, beige or earth colors, be the background or base. Strong and expressive colors used as a background will overwhelm the room, especially those with a relatively small area. These colors are definitely reserved for details and are used to emphasize a particular place in the room or to separate individual areas.

Is it possible to separate zones in the apartment without building dividing walls? Yes, of course! In the case of the living room, it can be elegant floor tiles in expressive colors or unusual shapes. You find Living room tiles at It’s the perfect place to look because you have almost endless options. Thanks to this, you do not have to make any compromises when arranging the decor of your dreams.

New York style – just plain?
of course not! The colors mentioned in the previous paragraph can be easily combined with patterns. when? First of all, geometric and floral patterns prevail here. That is why you can combine New York style with glamor or modern style. The patterns can be on the walls or furniture. However, remember not to offend them on the inside. If you choose patterned upholstery, choose smooth and light walls and floors, for example, choose soft gray or beige tiles to serve as the background and accentuate the furniture.

Is the patterned tile still New York style? definitely yes! Then they will play the first violin in the apartment, and furniture and walls will be their background. This concept is a little less used, but it will surely attract and surprise everyone who visits your home!

New York style and finishing materials
New York style is a mixture of simplicity and elegance, and it is also timeless. Therefore, it mainly focuses on natural materials, with a special emphasis on wood. Both floors and furniture can be wood, as well as window and door frames, wall panels and even roller blinds. In order to prevent rooms from giving the impression of being harsh and cold, New York style also abounds with velor and velvet. This noble material is ideal for furniture upholstery, especially for leisure groups and headboards. However, there’s nothing to stop one of the walls in your bedroom from being upholstered with velor, like powder pink!
Plush and velvet also match perfectly with floor or wall tiles. Do not be afraid to create a dark and cold cemetery in the room. With the help of textiles such as curtains, bedspreads and pillows, you will warm the interior, and at the same time preserve the modern New York style. You can put tiles on the so-called TV wall and floor or part of it for the separation eg a sitting area. Don’t have space for a dining room? Make a place for a table in the living room with tiles! Do you have a small corridor and do not want to enter the living room directly from the outside? Expand the hallway with tiles, and let them into the living room! You don’t have to decide a single style and color. Combine motifs and colors, while observing the New York style rules described above.

New York style and focal point – where is it arranged?
Are you asking yourself what is the focal point? This is nothing but the heart of New York style, a very distinct accent in the room around which the rest of the décor is built. What could serve as a focal point? Actually everything! It is about choosing a very expressive tone that will attract your attention. What could such a detail be? Ornaments, a specific piece of furniture, such as a table, console, or tile! With their help, you can also emphasize a certain place in the room. In the living room it will be the above relaxation area, and in the dining room it will make a place for a tiled table and chairs. How about the kitchen? There you can lay tiles on the floor and wall – this especially concerns the space between the cabinets and the work surface.


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