Max Treacher: Combining the Best of Old and New School [wywiad]

Max Tresher (Damian Tomczyk) has been an active figure in the Polish dance scene for 19 years. He has worked as a DJ and promoter, and now he is basically realizing himself as a producer launching his works in many musical genres. On the occasion of the publication of the last EP (EP) – The road to nothingness (Phobiq) and overload (Double Force Records) I talked to Max about his background music, the choice of remixers and… old techno and trance bars.

EP overload With Old- and Nu-Skool . Elements

EP Max Treacher overload It is, as the producer writes: “A journey in the dark, combining the best of old and new school of technical sound.” The album was released in a digital version with remixes. The basic version is nothing but a contribution to reinterpretation by invited guests to the EP. Among them: talented and educated towards formation Carla RocaAnd Drama complex (active in the art scene since the ’90s) and fun newcomer I bamwho received a classical music education, but his passion pushed him towards techno production. shuts down everything Peter Fern (Co-founder of the brand Dual Power Records), associated with the Szczecin scene.

Max Treacher [WYWIAD]

Artur Wojtczak: You’ve been present on the Polish scene for a long time: whether you’re a DJ, a producer or a promoter. Which of the following activities do you enjoy the most?

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Max Treacher: I have been in the Polish arena for 19 years. It took me a while to get to where I am now. My first contact with electronic music was in 1998 (I heard it on broadcasts Maruchi the name of the thing Rave Satellites). I wasn’t a DJ then. However, I liked electronics very much, and all the more so that in the 90s it was not easy to hear it on the radio. At that time, dance music and even disco polo were prevalent. Electronics can be obtained either in bazaars (such as groups future trance or someday), or you hear on German radios for example Fritz. in the last Marosha She had the show mentioned earlier which I loved. I listened to it every week and recorded it on tape. The need to search for new patterns woke me up. In 2001, I came across the song strong hitforever This breakthrough has undoubtedly followed. I bought the CD after two weeks of research. I was incredibly happy. Anyway, I enjoy it to this day – feeling that I can constantly evolve and look for new sources of inspiration. But answering your question in detail: After all, I’m very passionate about music production. I feel that I have realized myself in him and this helps me escape from reality and all the hardships of everyday life.

As a DJ, I rarely play – because I want to spend as much time as possible with my family, with my two-year-old son. The Polish scene also does not favor musicians from the electronics world. To make good money in this scene, you have to be very talented or have good relationships.

As a promoter, I stick to the “old school” principle – the fewer random people on the dance floor, the better the party. There were no Facebook events and people were coming in anyway, mainly for the music.

Techno and classical house music production

You move musically in different genres: from techno with industrial influences to classic house, which you produce, among others. From Robot Needs Oil. What is the closest approach to you as a product?

Max Treacher: I think creativity in one genre destroys creativity. The style and sound must change for the artist, in most cases a minor change. I love every style he produces. Will it be progressive, home, or tech? For example, I like to compose music with Greg Ochman, which deals largely with the organic home. I love the house straight from the ’90s.

So in conclusion: devising one method is not acceptable to me. I understand that people with a team of managers have to follow a certain path. But I couldn’t do that.

Renuts on the album overload

your EP overload It is one of the latest productions. Also includes remixes. For this reinterpretation, I chose both newcomers, such as I Am Bam, and well-known and experienced personalities, such as Peter Fern and Carla Roca. Where did this choice come from?

Max Treacher: My choice was very simple. from Peter Fern I have been cooperating for a long time and have confidence in him. Carla Roca She has an amazing musical taste and it really encouraged her to make her first production. The remix is ​​so good, it’s already played on German radios. Carolina It has huge potential and more and more artists will play it. I’m Bama I’ve been following him for quite some time and had a special connection with him and decided to ask him about the possibility of remixing a song for me. for songs Drama complex I’ve been using my sets for years and love his style.

Income from sale of EP to Ukraine

Shortly after the premiere, I announced that all income from the sale of this publication will go to institutions that support Ukraine. Was it a spontaneous, emotional decision?

Max Treacher: I find it shocking that wars like this erupt in the 21st century where mothers and children flee from one man’s tyranny, leaving behind all their possessions. I can’t imagine that these people would be left without help. I can’t accept it at all. This gesture was natural to me.

Music plans by Max Tresher and DJ support for the album

What DJs are supporting this album so far, playing it in their groups?

Max Treacher: supports overload Her voice echoed too loud because they were playing it I’m picking you upAnd Alex MainAnd Doc and MartinAnd Popov, kaiserdiskoAnd Sam Wolf More more too. I’m really happy that the European Union got such a big support and played all over the world.

I’ve edited it for labels like Persuit Recordings, Dear Deer, or Phobiq. What do we expect from Max Treacher’s music in the coming months?

Max Treacher: Looking forward to the premiere I saw. This issue was created in collaboration with Annette Gap Stream from the crew Oliver Kulitzky (Steel for talent). The version will be released on May 27 and will be released by the Danish poster Blindfolded (from home ok). It was really a pleasure to work with Annette When she does her remix to Still Vor Talent (finally). The remix was created specifically for the brand’s 15th anniversary compilation.

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