Kirill Serebnikov: He was a prisoner of Putin, and today he is again controversial

Kirill Serebnikov For the first time in several years, he will be able to participate in the Cannes International Film Festival, which begins on May 17. costume drama “Tchaikovsky’s wife” It was qualified for the main competition of the festival. Two previous films for him: “Rush” (2021) and “Latto” (2018) were also officially selected, but the director at that time was under house arrest and was banned from leaving Russia.

Despite the director’s opposing past, the fact that the father. Golden Palm Russian production is fighting, and Ukraine criticized it.

This is not the time for our dear Russian colleagues on the red carpet

– said the Ukrainian producer Denis Ivanovthe creator of, among others the famous “Donbass” Sergei Luznica. He also criticized Cannes for “presenting the film of an oligarchy”, referring to the fact that “Tchaikovsky’s wife” was supported by the Kenoprim Fund, which he owns. Roman Abramovich.

Kirill Serebnikov Recognized as one of the best contemporary Russian theater and film directors. He is the author of award winning images such as “play the victim” if “A day in Yuriev”For which he was awarded, among others, the Grand Prix of the Warsaw International Film Festival.

For the Palme d’Or It was His latest costume drama, “Tchaikovsky’s Wife”, refers to the famous but taboo in Russia that the famous composer was a gay person. The sexual preferences of the composer are clearly shown in the film. According to reviewers, it is one of the most incongruous and aesthetic works of Russian culture in recent years. An ardent critic has compared the postmodern decadence of Kirill Serebrenkov’s paintings to the works of Derek Jarman.

share the movie Kirill Serebrinkova The IFF Cannes contest is controversial. This year, the festival organizers changed the rules for selecting Russian films. It was officially announced that films produced with the participation of the state budget will not be considered by the festival jury. Seriebriennikov is an author who has been persecuted in Russia for political reasons, but many people point out that no Russian movie should have appeared on the Cote d’Azur during the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In June 2020, Serebrenkov was sentenced to three years’ suspended imprisonment and a fine of several thousand zlotys. rubles. It was the result of a three-year trial, during which the director was under house arrest. He was convicted of embezzlement of state funds. Many believe that the trial and investigation of Serebrennikov was done political background. The films he directs and their subject matter often conflict with the vision of Russia and its society promoted by the Putin regime.

Kirill Serebrenkov did not stop at allusions and allusions in his films and performances. He criticized Putin sharply and frankly. In 2011, he protested against his presidency, supporting discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Russia, and after the invasion of Crimea in 2014, he said it was the act of “fallen thieves out of their mind”.

The authorities responded to these sharp speeches. In 2017, the director was arrested for embezzlement in the amount of 129 million rubles (currently more than 1.8 million dollars) during an art project called Blaburba. Serebriennikov and colleagues from the now-defunct theater troupe Siódme Studio implemented this project in 2011-2013.

Student Prosecutor of Serebrenkov Six years in a penal colonyHowever, he was eventually given a three-year suspended prison sentence in June 2020 and a fine as well. The trial and investigation upset the theater community in Russia. Serebriennikov, who at the time of his arrest was the head of the avant-garde theater of the Gogol Center in Moscow, is one of the most respected artists in Russia and abroad, and the investigation was interpreted as directed against him personally and presented for political motives.

Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, a Moscow court lifted his suspended sentence, and the director allowed it leave Russia. The Russian dissident currently lives in France.

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