Increases for Medicare providers. “The cash register in Pedronka will cease to compete”

  • The Polish Association of Medical Guardians together with the Foundation organized the 7th National Congress of Medical Guardians
  • Conference participants can listen to lectures on the latest developments in areas applicable to medical care, as well as on the latest changes in education and competencies of medical care providers.
  • Everything happened on May 14, the day of the medical chargé d’affaires

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Seventh National Congress of Medical Care Providers

During the Seventh National Congress of Medicare Providers in Katowice, which was inaugurated by President Bartosz Mikołajczyk, changes were made to the curriculum for the profession of Medicare.

OSOM Vice President, Krzysztof Tłoczek, emphasized that “since September 2021, there have been three significant changes in the profession”:

  • Changing the core curriculum.
  • A bill on some medical professions.
  • A draft law amending the law relating to the method of determining the minimum basic salary for some employees working in health care entities.

He pointed out that the first graduates who pass the professional exam according to the new basic curriculum will appear in the spring of 2023, and the current medical care providers will not automatically acquire new competencies.

– They will have to undergo additional training, but at the moment there is no specific information on how they will be able to complete their competencies – he explained.

Changes to the core curriculum of the medical care profession:

  • Perform activities in the field of collecting venous and capillary blood and other materials for laboratory tests,
  • Performing activities in the field of symmetric axial gymnastics in three planes at the same time SOS 3D – Hoppe method,
  • change the dressing on the wound according to the rules of hygienic, sterile and antiseptic procedures,
  • Performing selected activities to care for a patient with breathing difficulties,
  • Giving medicines to a sick and dependent person on the orders of a doctor or nurse,
  • Separate drip injection.

Krzysztof Tłoczek emphasized that “the custodian’s broader competencies will increase the attractiveness of the profession, and will also allow them to find work in new facilities where they have not yet been.”

The number of diploma holders may also increase, because so far only about 30 percent. People who started their education received a diploma. This better illustrates that the medical provider’s education system needs to change – he explained.

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Increase of more than 1,000 PLN for medical care providers

Vice-President Toucek also emphasized the essence of the law on minimum wages in health care, which is being processed, thanks to which, from July 1, caregivers will receive an increase of more than 1,000 PLN.

Surveys by OSOM show that as of June 2021, nearly every medical provider – with some exceptions – earned the lowest national salary. Admittedly, that wasn’t very motivating.

– From July 2022 in the wage schedule, we will already be mentioned by name and will earn no less than 4870 PLN total. This is a big difference and finally the Pedronka cash desk will not be a competitor – he explained.

Increases for Medicare providers.

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Elections to the Board of Directors of the Polish Association of Medical Care Providers

The entire meeting was also general and elective. During the conference, President Mikowajic explained in the context of the war in Ukraine how to support people affected by a sudden tragedy and how to professionally help people affected by a traumatic event so that the trauma is not exacerbated.

Dr. Iona Kozak Michowska, Director of Science and Development at Synevo, who specializes in laboratory diagnostics, explained the topic of collecting materials for bacteriological and fungal tests, and Dr. Tomasz Anyszek, physician specializing in laboratory diagnostics and a member of the KRDL Presidium addressed the topic of point-of-care testing research for medical providers.

Agnieszka Rucińska, on behalf of OSOM’s Board Secretary, explained how to perceive the needs of a patient, focusing on the most important needs, ie patient safety.

Let us add that before the conference, the General Assembly of the National Association of Medical Care Providers was held, in which the OSOM Board of Directors was elected for a new 5-year term.

The new board will remain unchanged from 2017, that is, since the beginning of OSOM:

  • Bartosz Mikołajczyk – Chairman of the Board
  • Krzysztof Tłoczek – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Agnieszka Rucińska – Secretary of the Board of Directors

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New salaries are a foregone conclusion.  The government has adopted a draft law on the minimum wage in health care

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