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He just gave an initial glimpse of his album with peoplethe full album of luxtorpedanot long ago remember in one Monica Fortuniac. But he is calm about Hans.

It wasn’t easy from the start, because his group five two It officially debuted in 2003 in a publishing house mainly associated with hip-hop. He then avoided the comfort zone like the plague, not allowing the audience to get used to a certain repertoire and appearing as a fiercely contradictory artist. Currently, he enjoys using old phrase and vocabulary, sings and paradoxes that are beyond measure, and jumps from very serious to completely frivolous. He is not shy about opinions on ideological matters that rappers wash their hands of, and he does not want to polarize the public.

he was not there Bloom, goral, elephant, duck, shiller And big toewhen the opening sequence of Pozna’s scene spilled over the surface of the circular record in the DJ clip floorsAlthough he would not be very skilled, he did a lot to promote the city, the neighborhood, the history of the area, the local color, and the local rap. It is still part of Luxtorpeda, which a large number of listeners will likely send to juwenalia or state festivities. Boomer, the chip maker and guest is too cynical to be able to write stylish portals full of lifestyle, fashion and unsigned curated articles about him.

After this introduction, it remains to remind him why he deserves respect.

He knew a lot from the beginning

when bei In 2001 he hit a milestone “Na legal?”There was a number in Poznan “And my city is famous…”. Access “I’m a dog, so get out of my way / Three steps back, till you’re good / I don’t want to bite you for a good morning / If you want aggression, slam this property’s territory / It’s mine, so I defend itIt was not to be missed. was responsible for them Hans from the team 52 dpik.

I remember that “Confrontations” – The song that promoted the first “Legal” album 52 – sparked delight in Warsaw. There was really nothing to laugh about because the rapper set the flow to the beat there, and the feisty intonation sounded so fresh. I can venture a hypothesis like last year HST A model, young man, presented Silesian style in all its glory, so in 2003 Hans did it for Wielkopolska.


“Hans made the song the opposite of a commercial rap song. The recordings are hard to listen to for many reasons. Mainly because a long-running allegory between training an animal and someone robs us of our humanity” — she wrote of another single from “P-VI”a path “dog” at “Anthology of Polish rap”. Monotonous rhythm, the chorus released only twice in four minutes, it must have been torture for the Sunday listener who came here with thick, stitched, sarcastic strings “We are Poles” With Astholexor after “from?!” With bei And cherry.

However, Hans carried out an even greater subversion – not on the scale of the record, but on the scale of the naming. When he took over as Technical Director UMCHe engaged the audience with perfectly tight local recordings of his bandmates – the Wiśni album or the album Saved in Joe Wu Tang Clan demon Diba With Bobic. All this in a publishing house that has earned money from Libera, One Eight L, Verbie and a lot of literature.

The sum of the music before the others

In 2022, we can commend you for how you did it timec if Swift Cross Mix Genres in Urban Music. A year ago, he was praised for this Dead wasp, Sarios, Lopas He is Rawa’s performance. in 2018 Days “Oczka” published in 2011 Tomas Andersen Contrary to instructions. Ale Pięć Dwa was added in 2009 to the album “short trip” Rap, riffs, break rhythms, jazz and trip hop into one cauldron. It could have gone crazy before, but maybe you had the nickname Waglewski or played in Afro Kolektyw.

“This duo can record an electronic number with a rap-rock expression. Why not exactly? So, after composing a music in the spirit of abstract hip-hop, we find lines thrown violently under an aggressive beat, softened with a diva rumble, and two minutes into the film’s facts, a hardened guitarist strikes us repetitive repetition pattern Rage against the machine With a line about “amazing bullet in the head>”, you really don’t know what to expect from such an album. I wrote in my review “NEO”Another album for the duo. And Hans’ two solo albums? Everything above is plus, for example, funk “Speech Poems”Polish, painfully, non-electronic streets ‘Exceptional pole’ Punk reggae music “Babylon”, rap blues “Someday I will sing to you”

without umbrella

“If you think we are idiots and ignorant criminals who do not know the history of Poland, then untangle our profile and do not check back here. We have not made many records to explain that we know this secret, it seems to some, secret knowledge about the history of Poland and Ukraine. If you do not understand That you do not need to explain to us and see a symptom of anti-Polish in support of the Ukrainian nation in the struggle against the occupier, because we have a common history – leave. If you blame 20-year-old mothers and newborns for crimes two generations ago, leave. It will be up Easier for us and for you ”- announced Five-Two on his profile. In an era of fans cheating and scratching sharply behind the ear, Depp and Hans have lived up to expectations. On the other hand, like Hans’ verse in “We are many” Show his doubts about the Orange Revolution, yeah “Good bombs” It can irritate enthusiasts of “just wars” and Tyrrhenian novels. Hurt? It’s supposed to be amazing.

another thing. If, when we mean emo-rap, we are not talking about makeup and tattoos, but about the explosion of a pomegranate in the face, then we should not miss the independent distribution. “Deep Hans” From 2008. – After disappointments related to the artistic director position at UMC, after poor acceptance of the album Diba With Bobic And WiśnixAfter a lot of personal problems, I’m back in Dębiec. I rented what I could afford – a sick studio I hung in for 3 years, drinking, smoking, eating little and writing Hans remembers. And he has been freaked out after years of being a character. And the man who confessed on YouTube to alcoholism and depression is not afraid of anything.

idiot language

On the reference shelf, I put and skewer Minarsky, Julian Tweem, Jan Studinger, Marianne Hemar, Jeremy Przibora – Hans told me two years ago, at the premiere of the second album “Right heart work”. In the end, it bounced back a bit, but there was no shortage of wordplay as well as the lyrical, unflappable old poetry of postmodernism. When we’re down, we float a little / We whisper not to blow ourselves away – Rap’s other half in “iron fists”. I look like a kid of a broom and a greasy tuft of algae / stubble is a separate entity and will spread like ivy – wind “Tully Fold”, subsequent album Pięć Dwa. I know it’s 2022, no one bothers. I ain’t nobody, it touches me.

There is no need to delve into entire albums. As an outsider, Hans is rarely invited to perform work for other artists, but – at least after the early UMC tenure – there are performances not to be missed. Let’s give it peace and peacewhere “They don’t hear” I, somewhere next to an unorthodox imperative of Piotr Zabrodzki, places as a journalistic choice, a mobilizing verse supported by Jacek Kaczmarski Gray tolerance to promote in opposition to the pure essence of emotions. just appeared Monica Fortuniac – Multi-instrumentalists, singers, composers and composers. And please, not only this The rain came upon our long, slender legs and trampled upon usThat’s still a lot of intense content. By the way, Monica works closely with beshIt could happen to Hans, too, and you want to hear such a Poznań-Bydgoszcz duo. But I don’t want to end up fantasizing – there really is a lot of music waiting to be appreciated.

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