Eurovision for Ukraine. Music, politics, solidarity or hate won?

Eurovision 2022 ended with a stunning victory for Ukraine. The Kalush Orchestra, representing the state, won a record number of points from viewers, thanks to which the Eurovision award went to Ukraine for the third time in history. However, the band’s dizzying success and good song were overshadowed by accusations of competition politicization, voting scandals and unfair comments on the Polish Internet.

It’s been a long time since Eurovision caused a huge media storm, controversy, and public comment. On the other hand, it appears that Eurovision is finally here in our country It is no longer considered Kitsch syndrome And more and more people are interested in the contest, following the current events. On the other hand, it hurts the fact that Ukraine’s victory cut short to the debate over the Ukrainians’ failure to thank the Ukrainians for their support of Poland in the form of points for Kristian Ochmann of the Ukrainian jury. Claims that competition is skewed toward politics seem equally unfair, but also due to a lack of knowledge.

The Kallush Orchestra at the opening ceremony of Eurovision 2022 / Photo: EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

Eurovision as a test of solidarity

Although many commentators accuse the competition of being political, it is necessary at this point to remember the circumstances in which Eurovision was created. The first version of it was released in 1956, at a time when the concept of European integration in various fields – economic, political, defense, as well as cultural – was at the forefront of the wave. This is the result of the terrible experiences of the Second World War and the wisdom of the next generation, which came up with an idea simple in outline and difficult to implement. If we stay together, if we are united in the face of certain values, regardless of nationality or boundaries set, we will achieve mutual benefits and the specter of war will be forgotten.

That is why Eurovision is a huge platform that from the beginning serves not only to promote your business or country, but also Talking about difficult topics or social problems. This is not a novelty – it has been since the mid-1950s, which for years was reflected in words or in theatrical performances. It was no different this year, when the world’s number one topic was the war in Ukraine, a country that now needs support in various areas of life. Europe has passed that test. In the end, viewers in 28 out of 40 voting countries gave the highest score to the representatives of Ukraine, which indicates this Music above conflicts and prejudices.

Eurovision 2022, detailed results
Eurovision 2022: We know the detailed voting results in the competition.

Eurovision with a song designed for 2022

Does this mean everyone should like the song StefaniaBecause tough times require it? of course not. It is good and healthy to have different opinions and to like different things. It’s about understanding why Ukraine won Eurovision. However, I would like to stress that in my opinion the musical factors were just as important as the social ones. Stefania It is a song that combines the ethnic folk of Ukrainian music with contemporary rap sounds. Moreover, this is another year when Ukraine decides to issue a proposal A mixture of tradition and modernity. This combination, as the statistics show, is Eurovision’s recipe for success. Nor is it new that Ukraine ranks highly in Eurovision. Because compared to other countries in the region, it has An outstanding music market and a strategy to promote your culture in Europe.

Of course, the text and symbolic layers of the composition are also important. After all, the surname Stefania is the name of the mother of one of the members of the Kalush orchestra. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the song became viral and a hymn of resistance to the aggressor. Today, Stefania is also identified with a mother grieving over her son fighting in the war. This context was also very important in terms of the sympathy of viewers from all over Europe.

storm to twelve

When writing about Europe’s successful test of solidarity, it is difficult to say the same with regard to Poland. The best example of this is the comments I encountered on social media, while broadcasting on YouTube and under articles. The first reactions were completely scandalous. There have been accusations of supporting the Banderites, buying SMS messages from Ukraine or inciting refugees. It has become a strange problem, even a problem of national importance The question of the lack of points of the Ukrainian jury for Christian Uchmann. There were also quite a few statements that we deserve points from Ukraine as a token of thanks to Poland for the support the Poles gave to the Ukrainians from the first moments of the war. How selfish! Solidarity and willingness to help come from the heartAnd don’t wait for the rematch!

In my opinion politicians and celebrities have not abused themselves. They maintained the atmosphere, willingly commenting on the lack of points from the Ukrainian jury. Moreover, on the Internet you can find statements by philosophers explaining whether, from a moral point of view, we should rely on points from Ukraine. Contrary to some opinions, Eurovision is a music competition and if you want to fight their “politics”, then from this side Don’t expect one country to award points to another person for reasons other than music. However, beyond our eastern borders, there is also debate about why the Ukrainian jury did not award points to a representative of Poland. A juror added fuel to the fire. I insisted on giving river Up to ten points. In fact, ten on the voting form meant tenth place for that proposal.

Poland: Christian Uchmann - River (Eurovision 2022).  Photo by EBU/Nathan Reyndes
Poland: Christian Uchmann – River (Eurovision 2022). Photo by EBU/Nathan Reyndes

Eurovision hasn’t been controversial for a long time

My biggest regret is that the public has gotten away with it Poland received twelve viewers from Ukraine. This, in my opinion, should cut all silly and unnecessary support discussions. I would like to thank all the readers and fans of the contest who constantly remind me of the full amount of points from Ukraine to Poland.

There is no need to convince anyone that Eurovision evokes great feelings. They are all bigger when our representative participates in the final of the competition. And this year we were dealing with an unprecedented situation, because Poland was among the favorites to win. Unfortunately, I have the impression that the twelfth place for Poland and the victory of Ukraine at the same time fell on Polish viewers like a bolt of blue. He poured a cup of bitterness and found its outlet on the Internet. It’s understandable to be frustrated and unhappy with the results, but remember not to resort to hate and hate when commenting on the competition. Eurovision should only generate positive emotionsWhich we lack in these difficult times. In a year’s time, there will also be Eurovision, so let’s be wiser about trying this year.

The Kalush Orchestra, winner of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, photo
Eurovision 2022: The Kalush Orchestra wins the competition. .’s photo

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