Cannes: Festival scandals. Do’s and don’ts on the red carpet

The Festival de Cannes was to be held for the first time in the fall of 1939 under the leadership of the founder of cinema, pioneer of cinematography, Louis Lumiere. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of World War II, the event did not take place. Ultimately, the first version of the festival was held in the fall of 1946, and in 1951 the date of the event was postponed from autumn to spring, and this is still the case today – the festival is always held in May.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival was initially moved to early June and July, and then canceled altogether.

Nearly 20,000 turned out during the nearly two-week festival in Cannes. Persons. The most famous actors, directors, producers and models as well as journalists and fans come to the most famous film festival in the world.

Beautifully designed stars walk the red carpet, which is said to be replaced three times a day during the festival.

The most important prize in Cannes is the Golden Palm – the symbol of the festival. It is made of 19 sheets of 24 karat gold. On the other hand, he often appeared on stage for the Palme d’Or? The main prize was won by American authors – 18 times, followed by the Italians – 12 times, and the French – 9 times.

Poland can also be proud of the successes. The Polish films that received the Palme d’Or are “Man of Iron” (1981) by Andrzej Waeda and “The Pianist” (2002) by Roman Polanski (however, it is a Polish-French co-production). In turn, in 2018, he went to the Golden Palm for Best Director Paweł Pawlikowskicreators “cold War”. She also won the Best Actress award in Cannes Christina Gandafor his role in “interrogation” (1990).

Unfortunately, women never played a big role in the festival. Only one director in the event’s history has won the Palme d’Or in the Best Picture category. This is amazing Jane Campion From New Zealand, which won the Film Award in 1993 “piano”.

So far, only 14% of jury chairs have been women. However, only 3.5% of women were nominated for Best Director or Screenplay. However, times are changing. In 2018, 5 women participated in the judging panel, including Cate Blanchett, who presided over the session.

The Festival de Cannes is full of sensations and scandals that resonate in the international press. In 1953 Brigitte Bardot Cause the sensation of walking along the beach in just a swimsuit. Because of this brave behavior, the actress was not invited to the closing banquet.

We didn’t have to wait long for the next lingerie scandal. Just a year later, French actress Simone Silva unexpectedly took off her bra during a photo shoot with Robert Mitchum on the beach. The jury decided to suspend deliberations, and the actress was asked to leave Cannes.

In turn, in 1963, the film received the Palme d’Or “Fahad” Luchino Visconti. The director walked along the beach accompanied by a beautiful Tunisian woman and … Fahd. The media was in turmoil, there were pictures of the director with a wild cat and speculation about his type. However, it soon turned out that this is the least dangerous of the wild cat species.

In 2011 a Danish director Lars Von Trier the left kicked out of Cannes. The feud began with the words von Trier said at the press conference accompanying the premiere of his latest film. “depression”.

“I wanted to be Jewish. Then I found out that I was actually a Nazi because my family, you know, were Germans. (…) What can I say? I understand Hitler, but I think he was doing bad things, yeah, sure. I can. I imagine him Sitting at the end of his bunker. He’s not a good man, but I understand him a little and sympathize a little. But I don’t support World War II and I’m not against the Jews,” said the Danish slanderer. The festival management explained that it “strongly condemns these comments and considers Lars von Trier persona non grata at the Cannes Film Festival, which takes effect immediately.”

There was also a scandalous incident on the red carpet in Cannes in 2014. A man, later identified as a journalist from Ukraine, Vitaly Sedyuk, jumped on the red carpet, fell to his knees and put his head under the dress of a star.

The embarrassing situation arose when the stars of the second season of the movie were shown on the red carpet How to train your dragon.

Cate BlanchettAnd America FerreraAnd Djimon Hounsou And Kit Harrington They took pictures as the man broke through the crowd, fell to his knees, and tucked his head under a Ferrera dress. The police immediately took the man away. It was also launched by the organizers of the famous film festival. He also paid a fine for disturbing public order.

However, this is not the end of the sensation. In 2015, about 50 women were not accepted into the special screening of the film “Carol” Because… the flat shoes they wear for the occasion. It should be noted here that the Cannes dress code requires women to wear high-heeled shoes.

In response to the “heel scandal”, shocked everyone after a year Julia Roberts. The actress walked the red carpet … barefoot. I did the same Kristen Stewart. As opposed to the rules Susan SarandonWho then chose flat shoes. This is not the first time that festival organizers have been accused of gender discrimination.

In 2018, filmmakers and actresses participating in Cannes organized a protest against sexism in the industry on the red carpet.

Australian actress chairperson Cate BlanchettShe said the long-awaited transformation of eliminating female marginalization requires “concrete action, not just speaking,” highlighting the problems facing the film industry today: unequal gender treatment and racial inequality.

In the same 2018, new festival rules were introduced. Movie stars and directors who appear in red are not allowed to take selfies.

The festival director explained his decision: “Taking a selfie downplays the event and slows down traffic on the red carpet.”

During this year’s edition of Cannes, there were Polish dialects.

Movie “Eo” Jerzy Skolimowski He was included in the main competition, along with, among other things, “Broker” by Hirokazu Korede, “Future Crimes” by David Cronenberg and “Tchaikovsky’s Wife” by Kresha Serebrenkov. The Polish artist’s film is a contemporary interpretation of the French film “For Luck, Baltazar!” Robert Bryson from 1966.

“The story of a donkey named Balthazar, beginning in a Polish circus and ending in an Italian slaughterhouse, is a bitter tale but also full of warm humanity a reworking of the road movie. It is a comprehensive allegory of human behavior toward a defenseless animal, and is a suggestive portrait of social relationships and cultural changes that occur in the contemporary world” It was stated in the message.

The Polish dialect can also be found in the Un Certain Regard competition section, promoting cinema with original themes and forms. It’s “Silent Twins”, which is the first English language appearance Agnieszka Smoczyńska.

According to the description published on the photo distributor, Gotec Film, the image was based on the story of twins June and Jennifer Gibbons, who “refused to communicate with the outside world.”

The 75th edition of the Festival de Cannes will take place from 17 to 28 May 2022.

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