Amber Heard was afraid that Johnny Depp would kill her

Their fight in court Johnny Depp And Amber Heard, Recipients from all over the world are following over a month. On April 11, the defamation trial broadcast on TV “Pirates of the Caribbean” He sued his ex-wife over an article she published in the Washington Post four years ago. Heard spoke about her experience with domestic violence allegedly perpetrated by her ex-husband. Depp is now claiming $50 million in damages. It’s quite clear that both sides are making great efforts to present their opponent in the worst possible light. While film Jack Sparrow tries to prove Heard’s manipulation of the facts, the star “Aquamana” She describes her ex-boyfriend as a boxer who regularly abused her while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

At the last hearing, Depp’s lawyers questioned the actress, accusing her of lying about the physical violence her ex-husband used against her. They presented the jury with photos of the star from her public appearances, which were taken after she was allegedly beaten by her ex-partner. According to Reuters, there is no point in finding any injuries to Hard in the above-mentioned photos. However, she stubbornly claims to have carefully covered bruises and scrapes with the help of highly covering makeup. When asked for evidence in the form of doctors’ opinions or forensic findings, the star admitted that she has not yet used paramedics for any of the alleged beatings by Depp.

Heard revealed why she chose to file for divorce. The marriage of the star couple ended in 2016. Soon, the famous photos of the bruised face of the actress who accused Depp of physical violence appeared on the network. As she has now confirmed in court, she decided to separate when her husband’s aggression began to escalate.

“At the time, quitting seemed to be the hardest thing in the world for me. I’ve put a lot of work into this relationship, gone to therapy, and read books about living with an addict. There’s very little improvement. He just broke up,” the actress said.

She added that at one point she feared for her life. “I had a feeling that one day it would go away. It terrified me. I could no longer live like this – in constant tension and fear. I knew that if I didn’t let go, it would end tragically for me. I won” admitted Heard, I wasn’t I want to leave him because I still love him so much.”

She similarly explained the decision to request a ban on approaching her. “Security always let Johnny into my apartment, no matter how much I begged them not to, for example, when he was drunk or stoned. I wanted to replace the locks. I couldn’t sleep, my hair started falling out, I had panic attacks because of Losing weight, and I was living in great stress and anxiety, ”- explained the star.

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