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Here is an overview of the most important news from the medical and biotechnology sector from May 8 to 13.

Medicine and biotechnology market

Biotech on the Stock Exchange: Biotech companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange are worth nearly PLN 8 billion today, reports BioForum, an organization that brings together companies in the sector. Pharmaceutical, diagnostic and laboratory companies dominated the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This is not only a consequence of the epidemic, which has highlighted the importance of the medical biotechnology sector, but also due to the global upward trend that has continued for many years. The press release said that this area of ​​biotechnology, although it carries the highest risk, has always been attractive to investors due to its high potential returns and the influx of public funding flowing through it. “In the NewConnect market, biotechnology has been the second largest industry in terms of sales,” commented Małgorzata Suska, CEO of BioForum (a consortium of biotechnology companies and organizer of the CEBioForum2022 conference) May 25-26 this year. CEBioForum 2022 will be held in Warsaw ISBzdrowie is the media sponsor of this event.

Epidemic: The number of confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) during the period from 5 to 11 May reached 3,902 cases, and a total of 54,345,090 vaccines have been conducted since the beginning of the epidemic, according to the Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health) . Since the beginning of the epidemic, the number of people infected with the Corona virus has reached 6,001,893 people. From May 5 to 11, more than 67,000 were performed. Corona virus tests, a total of more than 36.2 million were performed. The number of fully vaccinated individuals is 22,462,330, the number of those vaccinated with the booster dose is 11,760,819 and the third dose (immunocompromised individuals) is 224,524.

Supreme Medical Council: Delegates from all over Poland decided that the new head of the Supreme Medical Council was ukasz Jankowski, current head of the Warsaw Municipal Medical Council, who ran a program under the slogan “Future Autonomy”. Łukasz Jankowski won against the last NRL state president, Andrzej Matja, by 252 votes to 192. In the presentation before the vote, Łukasz Jankowski emphasized that it was necessary to strengthen the medical community by developing a strong, modern, professional self-government that meets the needs of physicians.

Healthcare Entities: The bill to amend the law on the method for determining the minimum basic salary for some employees of medical entities should be addressed separately, says Health Minister Adam Nedzelsky. Therefore, he submitted a proposal to the Prime Minister in this regard. A separate procedure for the project is, as a rule, to speed up work on the document.

Obesity: Novo Nordisk announces the Obesity Care Accelerator initiative to revolutionize the way obesity is diagnosed and treated in Poland. As part of the Accelerator Program, startups and startups from the digital health industry, from Poland and abroad, may, until 31 July 2022, via the website www.novonordisk.pl, submit projects that provide easy and accessible healthcare services to obese people in Poland . The selected projects will receive funding from Novo Nordisk.

Pharmaceutical market

Pharmaceutical wholesalers: Employers in the Republic of Poland have submitted their position on the draft amendment to the decree of the Minister of Health regarding entities authorized to purchase medicinal products from wholesale pharmacological dealers. The letter stressed that due to the systematic increase in the level of vaccination coverage in the community, it is necessary to provide systematic solutions that will enable medical professionals and patients to easily access vaccines. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps to expand the category of drugs that medical practices can purchase from the drug wholesaler.

Business Development

MedApp: PLN 0.68 million reported independent net profit in the first quarter of 2022 compared to PLN 0.38 million in the previous year, the company said in the report. Sales revenue amounted to PLN 2.97 million in the first quarter of 2022 compared to PLN 1.94 million in the previous year.

Blirt: A biotech company specializing in the production of high-quality enzymes and reagents for global diagnostics has changed its ownership structure. International biotechnology company Qiagen has bought more than 96% of Blirt’s shares. Qiagen offered 16.28 PLN per share. He paid 262.9 million PLN for 92.1 per cent. A bundle, much of which belongs to Marian Popinigis and the N50 company he controls, as well as three people from Bleit’s top management, including board members Krzysztof Kur and Tomasz Wrzesiński. Moreover, Qiagen bought 4.2% of the shares from some minority shareholders for PLN 11.9 million.

Neuca: Neuca Group’s Clinscience has signed an investment agreement to acquire 51% of Agati Systems, a company specializing in clinical data processing, research registration services and custom software design, Neuca said. The company is headquartered in the United States (Texas) and has subsidiaries in India (Bangalore and Chennai). Thanks to the investment, the Neuca Group subsidiaries have access to RWD (real world data) technology, which ultimately enables better understanding, analysis, and regulation of medical data and builds more value for the patient based on the aforementioned data. Terms of reference “- we read in the version.

SyVento: plans to open a new production plant in Skawinia near Krakow in 2023 – a biotechnology research and development center under cGMP standards, allowing the production of sterile medical products. It will employ nearly 100 people, of whom more than 30 will work in the research and development department. The investment will enable the implementation of projects related to the design, development and production of preparations containing nucleic acids as well as generic and innovative drugs based on liposome formulations. SyVento is a Polish biotechnology company that provides innovative and technologically advanced solutions for encapsulation of active substances in lipid nanocarriers, applicable in major classes of drugs based on small molecules, nucleic acids (including mRNA vaccines), proteins and peptides, as well as in diagnostics and cancer therapy.

CVI Dom Maklerski: invested 8.7 million euros in the bonds of one of the players in the pharmaceutical market in Romania – Marcus Provett. Marcos Profit has a total of 100 pharmacies in the domestic market, and also operates in the wholesale market. Corporate bonds issued will allow to accelerate the development of the company. The bonds were offered as part of a private placement entirely acquired by private debt funds managed by CVI.

Research and development work, implementations, and trade

MedApp: The exclusive distributor of MedApp CarnaLife Holo – 3D medical data visualization system – in the territories of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Finland is Promedica Praha Group – one of the leading distributors of medical solutions, whose business history dates back to 1991. MedApp has just received a positive decision on the grant from the funds European to start the process of entering the Mexican market within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund – Operational Program for Smart Growth, Priority Axis III “Supporting innovation in enterprises”, Action: 3.3. “Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative companies”, sub-action 3.3.1 “Polish technological bridges”. A project worth 180 thousand PLN (cash support 120,000 PLN) will be implemented in cooperation with the Polish Agency for Investment and Trade (PAIH), the goal of which is to develop an effective strategy for entering Mexico with the support of foreign PAIH offices. In addition, MedApp, in cooperation with Parexel, is also preparing to apply for certification of the CarnaLife Holo solution in the US Food and Drug Administration, a necessary condition for entering the largest medical market in the world, which is the United States.

Mediinice: Received patent protection from the Indian Patent Office for the invention of the “Minimally invasive cardiac ablation cryoapplicator with active defrosting system” (CoolCryo), the company said. This invention has already been granted a patent in the USA and Europe.

Holo4Med: Polish startup Holo4Med has been running a pilot project since May 2021 that enables teleportation using video calls and supporting devices thanks to the MediHelp telemedicine platform. “The ability to communicate with a patient in the form of video is a completely different quality of work for a physician, but it also brings great convenience to the patient compared to a voice conversation. When designing the MediHelp platform, we focused on the ease of use and security of the transmitted data. So far, said Robert Kroll, CEO of Holo4Med, Our solution has been used by hundreds of thousands of people across Europe.

Healthnomic: Warsaw-based Medtech, owner of the Omnihealth digital platform for remote diagnosis of diseases of human civilization, will soon begin production of the SnoreOff device for eliminating snoring symptoms using the EPAP method. The devices will be used for testing. The company is also continuing to work on the final version of the Apnomic GX3 polygraph. The SnoreOff device from Healthnomic is based on the EPAP (Positive Airway Pressure) method. It is an increasingly common method for treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea or mild snoring. It is a small box-shaped element with short tunnels that are inserted into the nostrils. During inhalation, the device allows air to flow freely. Healthnomic specialists are currently preparing to begin the production of 500 devices, which will be used for final tests on a select group of people. In the meantime, work is underway to identify the entity that will take care of the serial production of SnoreOff.

Biomed Lublin: It received permission from Romania’s National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices to import the BCG 10 anti-tuberculosis vaccine, the company said. The mandate covers 8000 packages of the BCG 10 vaccine against tuberculosis and was issued for a period of 12 months in response to a request from the Directorate of Medicines, Devices and Medical Technology of the Romanian Ministry of Health.

Ryvu Therapeutics: At the European Society of Hematology (EHA) Annual Conference, three posters illustrating the latest clinical data for the RVU120 dose escalation program (SEL120) will be presented in the Phase 1b dose escalation study in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) or dysplastic syndrome. High-risk myelogenous (HR). -MDS) as well as clinical data from the SEL24 Phase 1/2 Study (MEN1703) in AML patients with IDH1/2 mutations. The conference will be held from 9-17 June 2022 in Vienna and online.

FM Logistic and Teva: One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world has signed a contract to provide storage services. Logistics is carried out on the platform in Błonie, which is the largest storage and distribution center for pharmaceutical products in Central Europe. Ultimately, Teva will occupy an area of ​​7,200 square meters and at the same time 14,500 pallets. The project began in December 2021 and will include 14,500 pallets, most of which are now ready. The repository is currently being stored. By outsourcing logistics, Teva will be able to focus on its core business of providing generic and specialty medicines to patients.

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